Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast – 5 Excellent Weight Loss Tips

Having easy ways to lose weight fast and keep it off is the holy grail of weight loss but is it really so difficult? Well for most it seems that is it but for those in the ‘know’ this is not only possible but a predictable outcome of a simple process.

To understand how weight loss can be easy and quick we can look at the opposite experience, that of weight gain. We have no issue at all with the experience of how easy it is to gain weight, in fact it is almost expected that a person will gain weight as they get older. Certainly for the over 40’s there is realm expectancy that the body will gain fat but I would propose that this is simply a self fulfilling prophecy at work and that we could just as easily get slimmer and less fat as the years roll by. I put to you that with the correct change in mindset weight loss can be as easy as weight gain. We have many more Weight Loss Help Articles Now Available.

So can this weight loss be quick, well yes of course it can. Once again we are able to steadily change our body weight upwards and conversely we can do the same in terms of weight loss. If you can see and experience a quick change in your body weight upward you are naturally able to reverse that experience into weight loss rather than weight gain

My friends we have been brainwashed into believing that weight loss is hard but it is not. In fact we have to work harder to create weight gain that weight loss or maintaining our natural; weight. In truth it is harder to get fat than to stay slim.

With the right change in belief structure and behaviour anyone can lose weight and maintain that weight quite easily. So if you want to lose weight and do not think that is possible for you I can guarantee a change in mindset will get you the results you want.

So what do you need to do to start the weight loss? Here are my tips to start you off.

1. Make a list of all the reasons that you think you cannot lose weight or have struggled to lose weight in the past.

2. Once you have the list see which ideas are actually true and which are not.

3. Place all the reasons that are left into order and make a top three reasons for being over weight list.

4. Leave the list and return to it the nest day, see if the top three are still the same.

5. Now find out your top reason: the number one reason that you think causes you to be over weight.

6. When you have that number one reason focus on changing that behaviour alone. Forget all the other reasons that you put down and focus on changing that one thing.

The key to this small but powerful process is to understand the top reason that you have decided your weight is out of your control and to begin to change that assumption. When working with that one main idea that causes your weight gain begin to change small ideas and behaviours to counter your assumption because I promise you that the only thing keeping you over weight is the idea that your weigh is outside of your control.

As you may know, all change takes some effort so give this a go and start challenging those assumptions. Once you do change some of these damaging ideas you have you will realise that most of your ideas are simply not true, they are just ideas and thankfully ideas can be changed! We have many more Weight Loss Help Articles Now Available.