Easy To Get In Store Credit Cards

Easy to get in store credit cards are not as widely available as they were before the economic slowdown but they are still available. Beware though! Those with poor credit scores are far more likely to be rejected credit and those who are lucky enough to be accepted will pay a premium. Store credit cards can be in many cases poor value as the interest charged in many case is higher than a normal credit card.

Those looking for easy to get in store credit cards in most cases do indeed have either a poor or bad credit history. Rather than take on more credit and further exposure to damaging further your credit score it would be far more beneficial to start rebuilding you credit history.

A good plan would be to opt for a normal credit card with a small credit limit. Each payment you make would help you to rebuild your credit worthiness’. The longer you kept the card and kept making regular on time payments you would find the lender would be happy to increase your credit limit.

Another option and perhaps a good alternative to easy to get in store credit cards are catalogues. These offer thousands of products which you can pay for over 20 to sometimes even 100 weeks. Many catalogues are now even available online such as Littlewoods.

No matter what credit option you opt for it is vital that you do not damage your credit history further. Ensure that you only take on credit you know you can afford. If you run into problems and are unable to keep up with regular payments you could damage your credit rating long term.

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