Easy Guide to Purchasing a Motorcycle Carrier

A  motorcycle carrier (commonly called dirt bike carriers as well ) offers a convenient method of transporting motorcycles when you also need your vehicle at your destination. Purchasing reliable motorcycle carrier that still offers a great value all while containing the features and specifications you need are very important. The majority of motorcyclists who purchase hitch motorcycle racks do so as so they still have truck bed space for camping gear, coolers etc.

Motorcycle carriers are not usually reccomended for scooters as the scooter’s wheel base is too short.

Determine Your Motorcycle Carrier Needs

Your first step is to determine the features you will need with your motorcycle carrier. Are you going to be transporting one motorcycle/dirt bike or two? Next you will need to determine the weight of your bike. This step is very important!  It is strongly recommended to purchase  the highest weight capacity hauler. The use of a anti-wobble attachment is also strongly recommended, this attachment will slides on the hitch tube of the carrier and the receiver and pinches them together to form a stronger bond.

Choosing a Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier Style

There are a few different styles of carriers on the market today. They are either made of steel or aluminum, carry one or two motorcycles and either feature a wheel chock or do not.

  • Aluminum motorcycle racks are almost always much lighter and have a lower weight limit, usually 400lbs. Aluminum carriers are commonly used by motocross or dirt bike enthusiasts.
  • Steel carriers are much heavier and typically have 600lb weight limit.
  • Carriers with a front wheel chock are usually made for heavier motorcycles such as sport bikes or cruisers.


If you are looking to buy a motorcycle carrier be sure to check out the online company Shipstoday.net. They have a great variety of motorcycle carriers available in steel, aluminum, single or double capacity.

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