Easy Ab Workouts For Women To Flatten Their Belly

We ALL want a better body and for women that can seem like a daunting task, but believe me with the right ab workout you can have flat abs or a sexy six-pack.

Confidence is the name of the game here girls and with a flat mid-section you will be wanting to show it off. You’ll be guaranteed to drive guys crazy. It’s never too late to start a workout program and you do not need to lose the excess weight before you begin a workout to target your abs.

The goal here is to slim down and flatten up, but that doesn’t start with just your abs, you need to focus on the whole body. Burning calories and building muscle are the two things you want to focus on when trying to lose the fat around your midsection. Burning calories doesn’t take much effort at all, that is the easy part and you can do it all day long and even when you’re fast asleep.

The more you move around and the more active you are the more calories you burn, and by the same process the more muscle you build. Pilates is a favorite workout for many women to help target their abs. Pilates will help you to build muscle, burn fat and target your core with focused exercises.

Flat abs can also be achieved with other workouts like cardio. For many of us this is a great place to start if you’ve never workout before. A simple walk through your neighborhood or around the park is low in intensity and can still be a great way to burn calories. Keep in mind that as you workout things will gradually become easier, so be sure to push the intensity so you’re always improving.

Raised leg crunches

Try raised leg crunches, a lot of women have found success with this ab workout since it directly targets the abs. Simply lay your back flat on the ground with your hands behind your ears and your legs bent at a 90 degree angle off the floor, then flex your abs and pull your knees upward toward your head. Relax your abs and return to a resting position before repeating the hold process over again. For strong, flat abs keep the workout going for 30 seconds, you should notice the biggest difference in your abs and through your legs.

Super crunch

When a raised leg crunch isn’t enough for you try a super crunch. This exercise will work your entire abdomen and your lower and upper legs. This exercise can take place in the same position as the raised leg crunch but you need to make sure the legs are parallel to the ceiling when bringing your knees to your head. Then ratchet up the intensity. Don’t forget to breathe, this ab workout will pull every women to her limits.

To build muscle and burn the fat make sure to include crunches into your workout regimen. In time and as the intensity builds, your abs will start to show and you’ll finally achieve the flat abs you’ve always wanted.

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