Duck, North Carolina Vacation Rentals

Although the quiet, peaceful, and downright charming Outer Banks of 20 years ago has been transformed into an overly developed, extremely popular vacation destination, you can still find little pieces of the old life in the small town of Duck. Away from the popular tourist sights and still offering sparkling, pristine sands along the Atlantic, there is no better place to kick back and enjoy the breathtaking views than in one of the fine vacation homes nestled along its picturesque shore.

While many people flock to the Nags Head beach resort for its proximity to stunning sandy beaches and the towering sand dunes of Jockey’s Ridge State Park, Duck maintains a much lower profile that is appealing to those who seek a bit of serenity in the Outer Banks. In actuality, if a family is staying elsewhere in the Outer Banks, the only reason they might stop by is for the US Army Corps of Engineers Field Research Facility (also called the “Duck Research Pier”), but that will only keep them in the area for a few hours. Then on they go, in search of all of the Outer Banks’ “must-see” sights, as you enjoy what you know in your heart to be the very best of the Banks.

As the Outer Banks have developed into a bustling vacation spot, the towns have grown to accommodate the influx of visitors. Homes, condos, and resorts have replaced the one-stoplight villages and a little bit of that charm was forever lost with each new construction. One of the things that has never changed, however, is the miles upon miles of fine sand beaches and all of the water-based excitement that takes place right off the shore. This is what the Outer Banks are all about, and this is exactly the kind of fulfillment a visitor to Duck seeks.

Duck Beach is only a few miles long, but that is more than enough to accommodate a multitude of spectacular homes along its banks. Nestled amidst the dense island shrubbery, Duck NC vacation rentals offer you a little piece of seclusion and privacy in addition to convenient access to the water’s edge. Inside your home and on your private patio, breathtaking views can be yours at any hour of the day. Wake up to the sounds of the ocean, sip a fresh brew on your balcony as the invigorating sea air wipes away your sleepy haze, or watch the sunset over the sound from your patio. In your little retreat and without another soul in sight, the Outer Banks appear to exist for only your personal pleasure.

While the views are certainly memorable, the best part of a Duck North Carolina vacation rental is its convenience to the area’s main attraction, which incessantly beckons to you at all hours of the day. Morning is just right for a sunrise stroll in the sand; the afternoon is overflowing with pursuits such as swimming, sunbathing, and surfing; and the evening is bound to be romantic as you throw down a beach towel and bask in the sights and sounds of the ocean. See that little piece of sand located just off your personal boardwalk? It’s almost as if a little piece of heaven has been cornered off for your enjoyment alone. Not feeling up for the crisp waters of the ocean? Your heated pool and relaxing hot tub are waiting to serve your water-filled needs.

If you want to surround yourself with tourist sights and an abundance of activities away from the water, then consider following the pack towards a more popular town. However, if you have come for the recreational pursuits in and around the ocean and simply want to soak in the splendor of the majestic Outer Banks, then Duck is definitely the place for you. Teeming with untamed beauty along its shore and offering a variety of vacation homes that are convenient to the Outer Banks’ very best asset, the choice is an easy one if you want a relaxing getaway as far away from the resort madness as possible.

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