Dubai – Hydropolis

We’ve had the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. But here and now, it is safe to call this part of the 21st century the Age of Dubai. Almost the entire collection of the world’s newest and most breathtaking architectural genius is based in the City of Dubai. Its leaders have peered into the future and know that their countries primary natural resource, oil, will eventually run out and so chose to create a plan which would transform the United Arab Emirates into a world capital, thus securing its prosperity beyond this current ‘Fossil Fuel’ dependant era.

The projects springing up in Dubai are practically untouchable, and westerners can only look on and dream of having the resources which give birth to such wonders. The world watched in breathless anticipation as the Burj Dubai grew into the clouds, and whilst this project set up its home in the sky, another architectural mind set his sights on the depths of the sea, inspired by the Jules Verne classic 20,000 Leagues under the Sea.

In Atlantis esqué style, Hydropolis is a hotel beneath the waves. It is destined to be an underwater haven where visitors can be in awe at the surrounding architecture and the life out in the deep blue sea.

Evidently, projects like this don’t come easy. Construction has been moving in fits and starts and is currently on hold. It is unknown what the difficulty is or when the project may finally get started.
Hydropolis was announced in August 2003, but a project of this kind does not come easy and there have been many engineering obstacles to overcome, but the developers have announced that there will be a building timeline announced in early 2009. The hotel will cost in the region of £300 million to build and impressively the entire project will cover an area the size of London’s Hyde Park.
The completed Hydropolis resort will expect to receive over 3000 visitors every day, and hotels rooms are expected to be in the region of £300 a night.

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