Drunk Driving In Phoenix And Scottsdale, Arizona: Laws And Penelties

An adept Phoenix DUI attorney is a must; Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona take drinking and driving very serious. Obviously, it’s often true that the level of your defense will many times partially determine the outcome of your case. This is often especially true if you need a Phoenix Arizona aggravated DUI attorney.

There are multiple classes of DUI across the country. Your DUI lawyer in Phoenix will be called upon to better understand where your case fits in. You are probably familiarized with the names “misdemeanor” and “felony”. Many times in Arizona, Scottsdale and Phoenix, the punishment of misdemeanor cases are considered less severe. Felony though is definitely more serious. Guilty outcomes can include prison time.

A Phoenix DUI attorney will aid you to totally understand your exact case. DUI across the country can be grouped into categories such as Aggravated DUI with Child in Vehicle, Basic DUI, Aggravated DUI Restricted License, Aggravated DUI Priors, Per Se DUI, Minor DUI, Extreme DUI and others. Speak to your Phoenix DUI lawyer to know more about DUI in Phoenix.

Drunk Driving and DUI: Phoenix, Scottsdale And Across The Nation

• Every year, in excess of one million individuals are pulled over for DUI across the nation. This has been the case for many of the last 10 years. In Phoenix as well, you’re not alone. Every year thousands of individuals will search for a Phoenix DUI attorney to represent them, as securing the right defense lawyer is crucial.

• Every state creates its own BAC, or blood alcohol content, to ascertain excessive levels of alcohol in the system. Sometimes, even if the level is within Arizona acceptable area, a DUI charge can still be leveled if the officer believes the driver truly impaired.

• A suspended driver’s license is often the result of not submitting to a BAC test while suspected of impairment in Phoenix.

Possible DUI Consequences

Driving drunk is a punishable offense across the country and in both Scottsdale and Phoenix. Conviction of this severe offense might end in expensive court fees, driver’s license reinstatement costs, and an upping of insurance premiums:

• If you have experienced more than one DUI, you may expect the outcome to grow increasingly severe. There are also other details that can make DUI penalties more and less harsh. A Phoenix DUI attorney can provide a defense that is in your best interest.

• Anyone under 21 who has any small amount of alcohol in their blood is likely eligible for a DUI charge. Most states employ a zero tolerance law, effective for drinking and driving in those under 21.

• Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona’s DUI punishments are unique; each can be very severe and the outcome of a conviction will be varied from case to case. Overall, anyone convicted of a drunken driving should be ready for heavy fines, probation, a suspended driver’s license, possible jail time and more. Many states are creating new laws to deter drunk driving. A Phoenix DUI lawyer will help breakdown each possible outcome.

• An ignition interlock device captures the possible motorist’s breath and ascertains the blood alcohol content. If the level is more than a specified level, the vehicle will not start. This is becoming a common outcome of a DUI conviction, even in Phoenix and California. This technologies are also costly to buy and set up. An experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer will document this in increasing detail as it relates to each unique case.

• In some situations across the nation, many states are even requiring the individual receiving the DUI to have the vehicle forfeited. This might also include an impounded vehicle for a certain length of time. It’s not impossible that a state would order the actual sale of the person’s car – if the person has received a few previous drunk driving convictions. This obviously limits freedom, turning even getting to and from a job into a challenging task. A Phoenix and Scottsdale DUI attorney is your best choice in possibly life changing DUI cases such as these.

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