Downtown Los Angeles Hotels

Unlike other cities, Downtown Los Angeles isn’t the center point of the city but is a cosmopolitan area with many ethnicities that form a whole mini city on their own. Traditionally this is the business center of the city and hotels in this area were usually occupied by business travelers.

All this is changing today thanks to a major clean-up initiative taken in the last 90s. Today the Downtown LA area is the cultural center of the city and also had many nice restaurants, making it a popular destination for leisure travelers. We have many More Los Angeles Hotels Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

There are plenty of hotels to choose from in Downtown Los Angeles. The hotels are filled by business travelers through the working week and when they leave over the weekend, the area takes on a new image… one that is vibrant and colorful. Most of the hotels offer weekend packages at excellent rates. These packages give excellent value for money.

If you choose to live in Downtown LA, you don’t have to worry about city highlights being too far away. Many freeways pass through the area and you can drive to any place wit minimum problems. However try and avoid rush hour traffic, as you might find yourself stuck in a spot for hours. Alternately, you can take the Metro Line up to Universal Studios.

Despite the low weekend rates and irresistible weekend packages, Downtown Los Angeles can at times feel like a ghost town. The lively and energetic surroundings of Venice Beach or West Hollywood will be missing. There isn’t much nightlife in the area and it is particularly dead after sundown. We have many More Los Angeles Hotels¬†Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.