Do’s & Don’ts of Your Dating Resume

Before every audition, an actor prepares.

Before meeting with an agent or a director, he submits a headshot and resume.

Before the meeting, the agent/director will determine if the actor will be called in…or end up in the trash.

The same is true in dating.

The headshot and resume on your dating profile make your first impression. Often it determines if someone will meet you or delete you.

On-line dating resumes publicize what you want to attract, but most people don’t know how to market effectively.

Even if you’re not auditioning on-line, a dating resume gives you a chance to uniquely define your role and what you’re looking for.

Five directions to keep in mind when scripting your dating profile:

1. DO Have a Fantastic Headshot

The Wall Street Journal reported that 30{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} of people dating on-line don’t post photos! Without a photo, you have the least likely chance of meeting someone.

Take a good professional photo and use it!

DO NOT use a dark photo with your friends (or your ex) at some party where you look like you’ve had a few too many and there’s a palm tree growing out of your head!

2. DO Create Your Own Character

Use Vivid, Bold descriptions! Make every word count.

Marketing your long slender legs, milky skin, deep sea-green eyes and million dollar smile gets attention.

Creating a character separates you from the masses!

3. DON’T List All the Qualifications for Your Co-Star

Telling us your mate must be gorgeous, intelligent, wealthy, sexy, healthy, romantic, sensitive, spiritual, charismatic, well-mannered, potty trained, and a non-smoker is waaayyy too much!

Limit yourself to three NON-NEGOTIABLES that are definable, attainable and communicable.

4. DON‘T Lead With Your Worst Lines

Letting us know that your ex is an alcoholic or you’ve only dated self-absorbed jerks in the past so you don’t want any more of “those people” responding isn’t your best introduction.

Please…save it for later…much later…if at all!

(This seems obvious, but you wouldn’t believe the number of resumes I’ve read with this kind of info!)

5. DO Proof Your Profile

Read your resume for spelling and grammar. Expecially if you want to be taken seriously! 🙂

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