Door Hanger Advertising Ideas For Insurance Agents

Here are a few Ideas for Insurance Agents that have been used successfully by our clients. Use one or a combination, but don’t over crowd the postcard with too much information. The door hanger must pass “The Glance Test”, which means the reader will know what the card is about with just a passing glance. This can make the difference between getting noticed or being tossed out as junk advertising.

  1. Don’t Wait – Save Money Now!
    Many potential customers are under the impression that they have to wait until their policy expires to make a change. Let them know that they can start saving right away.
  2. Are You Paying Too Much?
    If you think about it, a lot of the clients that you have written insurance for in the past year have given you their business because you were able to save them money. Take a page from the insurance ads you see on TV. Figure out the average savings and then proclaim it. The headline on your postcard can be: “Clients We Covered This Year Saved An Average of $xxx! Are You Paying Too Much? Find Out With A FREE Quote By Phone”
  3. Are You An Independent Insurance Agent?
    Then make sure prospects know you have a number of companies to place their insurance with. Use the phrase:“We Shop And You SAVE!”
  4. It’s All About You
    When you are advertising your services, it is not the time to be modest. Selling Insurance is a one on one,  personal service. Include your photo and a brief resume on your door hanger. You may be surprised how many people recognize you, especially if you distribute to homes in your own neighborhood. Include memberships in community organizations or church groups.
  5. Who Lives In The Neighborhood
    Sometimes you can determine the average demographics of a neighborhood and use that information to tailor the right insurance product to promote. An area of new homes can mean young families with children – prime prospects for life insurance or perhaps an annuity for the kids education. Older homes in established neighborhoods might have a high percentage of baby boomers – prime prospects for long term care insurance. Rental complexes are an obvious target for renters insurance.
  6. Benefits Not Details
    Use your door hanger to highlight the benefits of a particular coverage not the details. The purpose of the door hanger is to generate a lead, not make the sale. Keep it brief and as tantalizing as possible.
  7. It’s Not Just About The Price
    Make sure prospects understand that coverage limits are just as important as price when purchasing insurance. During recent disasters, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, many folks learned the hard way that their coverage was not adequate.

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