Don’t Short Circuit Long Term Real Estate Opportunities

If you’re thinking about how to maximize your returns, focus on long term real estate investment opportunities. By holding long term you will be able to concentrate on investments that will allow you to capitalize on all four of the different kinds of benefits or returns. Short and mid-term investments do not have this same potential. Typically this will mean that you acquire a property, probably leveraged, where your cash flow is low (or even non-existent) for a few years. Still you will benefit from and enjoy the tax savings produced by the shelter generated by the property in early years.

As the investment matures, revenues will increase (hopefully faster than expenses) to produce increasing cash flows. The increased value of the property due to increased NOIs as well as inflationary pressures will accumulate rapidly. In addition, the pay down of the mortgage obligation will result in increasing equity as well. This equity and appreciation will allow for the opportunity of refinancing to produce tax free monies for reinvestment or will accumulate to produce huge proceeds of sale if and when that time comes. In order to enjoy this growth, your focus will of necessity be on “operating real estate” like apartments, commercial space, office space, etc. We have many more Real Estate Investing Help Articles Now Available.

A longer term perspective (10 to 15 year involvement) will also significantly reduce the overall risk of ownership. The cyclical nature of the business can be problematic for short term investments because you may buy at a market peak and be forced to sell in the valley. However, over a longer term you will ride out the peaks and valleys and will be able to benefit from the increasing demand and value of this type of real estate. It is a real pleasure to be able to allow the users (tenants, renters, etc.) to pay for the property for you through their monthly rental payments to you. This allows you to just sit back and relax while building equity and appreciation. At the appointed time the mortgage will be paid off and then you, in effect, become the bank. Instead of sending money to the mortgage company, you just put it in your account.

While real estate lends itself to a variety of investment scenarios, long term debt-free ownership is a wonderful thing to experience. It is the best business in the world. People just keep sending you money, month in and month out. It is amazing how quickly this no-debt status can be produced when you use the benefits of ownership such as tax savings and cash flow to pay down the mortgage even faster. After all, it is found money. You wouldn’t have it if you didn’t have the real estate investment so why not use it to improve the deal. This is the most simple of strategies and the most beneficial over the long term. It makes for a fabulous retirement without ever selling the assets. Good luck in your career. We have many more Real Estate Investing Help Articles Now Available.