Dont do business with nevada state corporate network

Nevada State Corporate Network now on refered too nscn

publically advertises they can increase your corporate credit rating,build corporate credit

get your corporation hundreds of thousands

of dollars without using your own personal credit that is not true do not belive

it.The biggest non true of all is when they offer a gauruntee.

NSCN offers after 6 mo. they will give you your money back if they do not

get you any credit do not believe them nscn will not give you your money


I signed up in April 09 and for 6 mo I was ignored

NSCN COLLECTS $2200. from you and then shows some interest for the

first 30 days then after you cant get a chargeback they ignore you.

NSCN tells you request your money back after 6 mo if you dont get ant new credit lines

and they will refund your money THEY WILL NOT.

There are legitamate companies that offer building corporate credit

that will  help your corporation establish corporate credit and get corporate loans

but not this one.

Beware $ small claims so if you fall into the same predicament I find myself

in you will not find any help from the authorities.


There are other companies any of them that offer you a gauruntee get it in WRITING.

Do it right if you have good credit you can establish business credit for a lot less

money  If you do not have good credit get your credit right then go after your business credit dont let these types of companies that offer everything and deliver

nothing rip you off like what happened too me.

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