Doing A Fitness Workout Routine When On Vacation

When you’re on holiday it’s easy to not think twice about indulging in treats you would keep far, far away from. Or to completely slack off on your usual fitness routine and come home overweight.

The changes might not be monumental but it’s never nice to come home from a holiday looking worse than when you left home. Keeping up a fitness workout routine doesn’t have to be torture when you’re on holiday. Just plan a little ahead and you can still exercise without cramping your holiday fun.

Plan Ahead

While you are booking your holiday accommodation you might want to check that your hotel has a gym. This way you can easily keep up your fitness workout routine while you’re on holiday. A quick 30 minute session in the hotel gym every other day should help you combat all the food your enjoying while on holiday. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym or it doesn’t have the kind of gym equipment you usually use then search online for some places nearby that might satisfy your usual fitness workout routine.

Another way to keep up your fitness workout routine is to bring a fitness workout DVD with you. It could be a DVD you usually use when working out or it could be something that you can easily do in your hotel room every morning. There are lots of fitness DVD’s that will give you a great workout in a short amount of time.

Go for a Stroll

If going to the gym during a holiday doesn’t float your boat then try walking instead. If there are any attractions nearby walk instead of taking a taxi. Take a leisurely stroll, you don’t need to power walk and you will find that you are still exercising.

Another option would be to take a brisk walk every morning for about twenty minutes and then relax the rest of the day. Try and incorporate walking into your holiday in places you might not normally think to. For example you should take the stairs instead of using an elevator.

Go the Distance

If you can’t walk to an attraction or place of interest why not cycle? Cycling is a great exercise, not only is it low impact but it helps to tone your leg muscles while also being great cardiovascular activity.

If you are by the beach then there are plenty of activities you can enjoy that will help you keep up your fitness workout routine. Kayaking, rowing, or taking a pedal boat out for the day could be a great way to have some fun while burning calories.

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