Dog Bite Suit

Often if a person is bitten by a dog, and the attack was not provoked at all, it might result in a dog bite suit. This is even more likely if, for instance, the person is now disabled due to the dog bite. Of course, some disabilities are not permanent and thus the award will certainly not be as large as it would be if there was some kind of permanent disability due to the dog bite(s).

In a dog bite suit it may be of supreme importance that animal control records be presented. These records may hold information that the particular dog has bitten others in an unprovoked manner. Of course, animal control records may also be used as proof of ownership of the particular offensive dog.

There are various things that will be brought out in a suit for a dog bite, such as the maimed clothing that the victim wore, pictures that were taken of the wounds, police reports, and hospital or doctor reports from those who treated the victim. Any and all of these things can be used in a dog bite suit.

The various suits that are brought against a dog owner are but one reason why all dog owners should make sure that they are covered by insurance should a dog bite occur. For instance, it is a general fact that most dog bites will occur right on your property. In many instances, a neighbor’s child is visiting and is bitten when the child roughhouses with the dog.

Even though it is called a dog bite suit and the laws are called dog bite laws, other suits can be held under the dog bite laws. For instance, a dog jumping and injuring someone with their nails, or perhaps knocking down a child, would still fall under the dog bite laws if the person is injured by the dog. In some states the person bringing the suit must prove in a court that the owner of the dog was somehow negligent in controlling his dog.

Negligence is difficult to establish sometimes; however, if someone’s dog runs up, attacks and bites an individual in a park when there is a leash law, then it’s obvious that the owner of the dog was indeed negligent if the dog was loose.  However, if a biker is startled by a dog while riding by that dog in his fenced yard and that biker then gets into an accident, then it will be very difficult to say that the dog owner is negligent.

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