Does Copper Peptide For Anti Aging Really Work?

If you haven’t heard about Copper Peptide yet you’re in for a treat. In the 1970’s, Dr. Loren Pickart invented and patented Copper Peptide. He is referred to as “The Turn Back The Clock Doc” – and with good reason. There are currently several companies that incorporate Copper Peptide into their skin care formulas including Neova, ProCyte and Neutrogena (to name a few) however, Dr. Pickart’s Copper Peptides are the strongest products available. Dr. Pickart’s work has been proven in studies from over 40 universities and research centers. This is what you can expect from continued use of his anti aging invention:

Stimulate stem cell growth

Tighten loose skin and improve elasticity

Reduce spots, photodamage and hyperpigmentation

Reduce fine lines

Improve skin firmness

Reduce the depth of deep wrinkles

Improve skin tone

Smooth rough skin

Improve overall appearance

Accelerate wound healing

Act as powerful anti-inflammatories on skin

Calm irritated and reddened skin

Normalize the skin

Calm irritated and reddened skin

Have strong anti-oxidant properties

Banish breakouts

There are different strengths of Copper Peptide. The trick is to start with the mildest one (CP Serum) and as your skin tolerates use, move to a stronger version (Super CP Serum, then Super Cop, then Super Cop2X). The stronger versions have hydroxy acids added to them. Results can typically start to be seen in 4-6 weeks. For skin tightening, he recommends 1,000 mgs. of Vitamin C daily and 1,000 mgs. of MSM.

I’m interested in aging gracefully without surgery. Thanks to Dr. Pickart, I am!