Do You Want To Start Your Own Custom Harley Shop?

Many people dream of owning a business, and turning a hobby into a profession can seem like the ideal way to realize that dream. If you like to build and fix your own Harley Davidson, you could turn your passion for motorcycles into a lucrative opportunity. The subject of starting a business is beyond the scope of this small article, but here are a few tips to get you started.

Dream Big, Start Small

One of the reasons that a custom bike shop is such a good opportunity is that your startup costs don’t have to be large. You can start off working in your own garage on one project at a time. You won’t need to keep a large inventory of Harley bike parts on hand as you can order just what you need.

You can either build a custom bike of your own design then try to sell it, or you can take commissions and build someone else’s dream bike. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Using your own design means you can build according to your strengths and order just the Harley bike parts you need. You aren’t on a deadline so you can spend as much or as little time each day on it. The problem is that once you have the bike done, you have a significant investment in it and you have no idea how long it will be before you find a buyer.

Getting customers first and working on their design can be more lucrative but more difficult. You have a paycheck waiting for you at the end of the project and may collect some of the money up front. However you are now held to someone else’s ideas and timetable.

Transitioning from Hobby to Business

Turning your love of custom Harley bike parts into a profession may seem like a terrific idea, but there are pitfalls. The most important attitude adjustment you will have to make is to understand that this is a business now. One of the leading reasons home businesses fail is that their owners can’t make the adjustment. Many of your motivations will have to change.

This change means that some of the fun of bike building will disappear. Many people who own custom motorcycle shops find that they are less interested in working on their own bikes now that it is their job.

The fact that you can start small means you can test the waters of self-employment and see if you can make the adjustment. You could start with a weekend project without quitting your job, investing in only the Harley bike parts you need as you need them. After a couple of these kinds of projects you can decide if it seems like something you can commit to and if the income is worth the time you invest.

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