Divorce Tips For Women – Moving on After Your Divorce

Divorce is on the rise, with one out of every two marriages failing in America. How do you divorcees move on from a broken relationship?

Tip 1. A lot will have to do with your self-esteem. You need to have the best self-esteem you can muster. People who go through a divorce often experience low self-esteem. Feeling unloved or unworthy or disparaging about yourself won’t help you make it. Think well of yourself, and you’ll make it.

Tip 2. When a marriage ends in divorce, you want to adopt the best attitude about it, acknowledging that your marriage is over, and letting go of feelings of anger, regret, sadness… Letting go will help you heal and move on, and get to the place where you feel happy again.

Tip 3. Focus on rebuilding your self-esteem, and a good place to start is to simply accept that no one is perfect, and that includes yourself and your partner. But everyone can learn from their experiences, so as to get to the place they aspire to be.

Tip 4. Commit to making immediate healthy choices for yourself, such as start running, or sign up for a course, or move to a new and nicer apartment. You might have to adopt the adage, “fake it till you make it” to begin with until the ‘feel-good’ feeling kicks in.

To recap, if you’re going through or have gone through a divorce, you’re likely to be hurting. Choose to “forget” your loss and anger and sadness, and focus on where you are at, and on making healthy choices for yourself. One day, you’ll be thrilled to realise you actually are feeling better.