Divorce Tips – 5 Signs Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

Are you feeling that your marriage is shaky and on the verge of a divorce? There are warning signs that can tell if your spouse wants a divorce. These signs should be treated seriously and cannot be overlooked because it may be difficult to save your marriage if you decide to work on it later.

Less or No Intimacy

One of the most obvious signs that your spouse wants a divorce is the lack of sexual intimacy that you have together with your partner. When the closeness begin to dwindle, you will realize both of you are drifting further away from each other and up to a point that your spouse is not interested in having any sexual intimacy with you. We have many more Divorce Tips Articles Now Available.

Bad communication

Constant argument is very unhealthy for a marriage and it will soon break off the relationship if nothing better is to improve on the communication. It is also bad if both of you are not talking because when couples are no longer talking to each other for a period of time, there will be lesser understanding and eventually divorce become the next option.

Neglect or No company

If your spouse is that kind of person that will show concern over the slightest issue and suddenly not showing anymore, it is a problem that you have to take note of. Another top signs that your spouse wants a divorce is he or she starts to stay away from you or home. He or she neglects you and is not interested about knowing your things.

Negative remarks or criticism

If your spouse becomes very negative about the marriage, family or you, it may mean a sign of divorce is on the way. You will often hear negative remarks like “it is better to be apart” all the time even when you feel that there is nothing wrong.

Not truthful and lesser trust

Your spouse is starting to keep secrets from you and if there are shady things going on, it could be a clue that there is an affair. Sometimes because of all these, you feel that you do not know him or her well and the feeling is like becoming strangers. It may just become another sure sign of divorce.

Being able to identify the signs of divorce early will allow you to try and Save The Marriage. Divorce is definitely not an option that married couples hope to go ahead. Marriage can be saved as long as there is effort put in to change the situation! These are just tips —> You should consult a lawyer for proper legal advice based on experience. We have many more Divorce Tips Articles Now Available.