Discover Safe AllNatural Treatment for Common Prostate Conditions

According to the most recent statistics, men over the age of 50 have an 80{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} chance of developing a benign prostatic hyperplasia (hypertrophy) disorder.

Additional statistics indicate, that prostatitis, which is the inflammation of the prostate gland, in men, is the diagnosis at 8{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} of all urologist and 1{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} of all primary care physician visits in the United States.

Clearly, prostatitis is an often-occuring, widespread condition in the West. But what if I told you that the Chinese have had a cure for this very common illness for thousands of years?

Would you be interested in learning more?

Well, if so, I urge you to keep reading as what you are about to learn may surprise you!

You see, the truth of the matter is the Chinese have been using herbs to heal and prevent illness for over 5,000 years!

During that time, they have uncovered and refined hundreds of herbal treatments for everything from Bronchitis to Sciatica to Acne to Infertility to Stress & Anxiety to Backaches to Impotence to Infertility to Hair Loss to even the Prostate and much, much more!

That’s right, I said prostate.

The Chinese have an herbal formulation that treates not just acute prostatitis with swelling and infection but also Chronic prostatitis with swelling and infection, Colibacillosis, Dysuria, Painful testicles, Urinary frequency, Urinary tract infection, Cystitis and Urethritis.

What’s this amazing treatment called?

It’s Qian Lie Xian Wan and here’s what you need to know about it and its treatment of prostatitis.

Prostatitis is the inflammation or infection of the prostate gland, which is an organ about the size and shape of a walnut, located just below the bladder in males.

The prostate gland produces semen, the fluid that helps nourish and transport sperm. Prostatitis can cause a variety of symptoms, including a frequent and urgent need to urinate and pain or burning when urinating – often accompanied by pelvic, groin or low back pain.

As I mentioned earlier, as many as 80{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} of men over the age of 50 experience some degree of prostatitis … but now, this doesn’t have to be you.

Thanks to Qian Lie Xian Wan, which is a safe, all-natural herbal formula that has been specifically designed to promote prostate gland health and to maintain a healthy urinary system.

This is your chance to say goodbye to such common prostatitis symptoms as:

· A frequent and urgent need to urinate

· Pain or a burning sensation when urinating (dysuria)

· Pain in the pelvic area

· Excessive urination during the night (nocturia)

· Pain in the lower back and genital area

· Difficulty starting to urinate, or diminished urine flow

· Occasional blood in semen or in urine (hematuria)

· Painful ejaculation

· A slight fever

· Recurring bladder infections

· Fever and chills

· Flu-like symptoms

· Pain in the prostate gland, lower back or groin

· Urinary problems, including increased urinary urgency and frequency, difficulty or pain when urinating, inability to completely empty the bladder, and blood-tinged urine

· Painful ejaculation

So don’t delay, order your supply of Qian Lie Xian Wan today and ensure the future health of your prostate.

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