Different Types of Lower Ab Exercises

Lower abs is one of the most important and hard to reach sections of body. Yet they are tragically ignored in most exercises. However doing just lower ab exercises can do more harm than good. Lower ab exercises must be coupled with upper abs and full body workout for best results. Some of the best lower ab exercises are different kinds of leg raising exercises. Below is a brief explanation of a few.

The Hanging Leg Raise exercise

While hanging on a bar or an abs chair, slowly move your knees up as high as you can reach towards your chin or chest in a folded leg position. Then slowly release your leg back to its original position. This must be repeated 5 -6 times initially and later can be increased to 20 repetitions. This exercise must be done slowly and is one of the best lower ab exercises.

Double Leg Lift Exercise

Lying straight on the floor, place your hands under your butt. Now slowly without bending the knees, raise both legs simultaneously to 45 degrees and then to 90 degrees. Hold this position for a few minutes then lower your legs down slowly and gradually. Repeat 5-6 times initially. This can be increased to 15 to 20 times once the legs get stronger.

Leg Scissors Exercise

While lying flat on the floor, hands tucked under your butt, raise both your legs simultaneously to 45 degrees off the ground. Now without bending your knees, move your legs apart from each other as far as possible, then bring them back and across each other, so that one leg crosses the other. Repeat 8 to 10 times.

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