Different Causes of Car Aaccidents in Arizona

Car accidents happen every day in Arizona. Even with the technology and a greater emphasis on automobile safety these days, car accidents continue to occur. And these car accidents results in thousands of injuries and deaths. It is important to know the leading factors that contribute to arizona car accidents lawyer, including:


· Speeding or reckless driving

While driving, speeding is the most common cause of accidents in the state of Arizona. Failing to follow the speed limit and driving rashly causes disastrous accidents that lead to serious injuries and deaths.

· Use of mobile devices while driving

Texting while driving has resulted in increased levels of dangers on road. Even talking on phone while driving has resulted in unfortunate injuries and deaths.

· Distracted driving

Some most common distractions while driving are smoking, eating, listening to loud music, changing the radio station, reaching for objects in car and looking at or talking to other passengers. These distractions have resulted in calamitous incidents on road.

· Drunk driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol increases the chances of an auto accident. The studies have shown that drunk driving have resulted in the most catastrophic accidents in Arizona.

· Falling asleep while driving

Sleepiness is also one of the major causes of car accidents when the driver collides his or her vehicle into others.

· Rubber necking

Rubber necking is also another type of distracted driving, which takes place when drivers look at the things that are not related to driving. It includes looking at nice scenery, car accidents or incidents happening along roads.

· Defective automobile/parts

Driving cars with defects can cause severe injuries and deaths. These include defects in the tires, brakes, suspension, and steering system.

· Poor weather conditions

Extremes in weather such as icy roads, heavy winds, snow and rain can cause severe accidents and pose greatest dangers to automobiles.

· Defects in roadways

The improper design of roadways results in hundreds of auto accidents in the state of Arizona.

The causes for car accidents varies, but it is important to understand the above common causes for accidents. One can take efforts to prevent them. Despite taking preventive measures, you may experience a car accident and need information about the fault, insurance, claims, personal injury, property damage, and structured settlement. A car accident attorney will help you with their proper guidance. He will tell you all your legal rights and compensation you deserve from the liable party.

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