Diet and Weight Control – 6 Things I Learned As a Model

Being five feet and five inches tall was the only thing holding my agent back from “putting me on the next plane to New York City”, or so she said. Big time modeling never happened for me, but working as a model over the years in at least a few different states, I have often heard models secretly confess to some really weird diet tips and ideas on how to lose weight and stay slim. Here are three you should just laugh at, and three you might want to consider:

The Paper Cup

I knew a model that was all excited about her new diet idea. She would enjoy anything she wanted, chew it up…and then simply spit it in a paper cup. This was a model in her thirties, believe it or not. I laughed and explained to her that not only is this gross, but it could cause some health issues. When your stomach is anticipating food on its way down, it produces enzymes and acids to break that food down. When nothing arrives, well…you can see how that would not be a good thing. You should chuck this dumb idea. Try the following weird one instead.

Get Minty Fresh

This may seem silly and a bit simple, but it works. When you are watching your calorie intake but feel a grumbling around your mid-section, grab an apple or something healthy to eat. If a bag of chips is more what you had in mind and you can’t shake the idea, then go brush your teeth. Yep, getting minty fresh by brushing, swishing mouthwash or chewing on something minty can trick your mind into thinking you just ate.

Dear Diary

In an effort to ward off pounds, some models keep meticulous records of what they eat. Documenting every peanut, or every air-popped, butter-free kernel of boringness gets old. Instead, be practical and try the following.

Keep Naughty Notes

Track only the stuff you know you should eliminate from your diet. Use a small spiral book of index cards to keep track of only the bad stuff you eat. Healthy foods get the green light, but every time you eat something you know you should avoid, make yourself face that fact in cold, hard print. As with everything, it depends on the person, but this method is helpful to some. Realizing how many unhealthy choices you’ve made over the course of a week could be motivating in your weight loss efforts.

Lettuce Eat

I’ve heard models discuss diets of eating nothing but lettuce, nothing but grapes, nothing but you name it. The Results of this unhealthy approach was: decreased energy, lack-luster skin and eventually failure. Try a healthier approach like the final point instead.

Eat Colorful

Incorporating a variety of foods in your diet and weight control efforts is much smarter. Mix it up. In your kitchen, keep a laminated idea list of all the various healthy and diet-mindful treats you enjoy and rotate those into your meals throughout the month.

Hearing strange ideas on weight loss, diets and fitness is common in the beauty industry, or in any industry for that matter. While weird dieting ideas are entertaining, remember to use only those that contribute to your overall good health.

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