Developing Your Abs

There is much more to developing your abs than doing a few sit ups every day.  Especially as we age, the process of sculpting our abs becomes much more difficult.  For women this process even becomes more difficult because their bodies are formed to be a bit pudgier in the belly to help them nurture their unborn babies.  All in all though and with the right mind set and work ethic, you can develop the ever elusive six pack.  Here are a few tips.

To develop your abs you’ll most definitely want to exercise your abs constantly.  However, it is very important that you do give your abs plenty of time to rest between workouts.  What I mean is that you do not want or need to exercise your abs every single day.  Your abs will develop more when they are at rest so be sure to give them a day off in between your workouts.

Most trainers suggest you work your abs two to three times a week depending on what your goals are for your ab training.  Just keep in mind that the harder the workout, the more rest time your abs will need.

Many people train their abs mostly for show and not for go.  There are also plenty of athletes out there who train their abs to make their body more stable and secure.  When you develop your abs, you reduce your risk of injury significantly.  It especially reduces risk of back injury because the abdomen is the stabilizer for the entire body.  Developing your abs will give you a strong core, making you an overall stronger person.

There are many different ab exercises you can use to develop your abs. Different trainers will also give you plenty of different advice on which ab exercises to use and which ones not to use. 

If you are doing an ab specific exercise routine, it’s always better to start first with the lower abs, then move to the obliques, then to the upper abs. The reason for this is that the upper abs are being utilized in almost all ab exercises and the lower abs are a little harder to focus on.

Find some ab exercises that you enjoy and try to switch up your routine often to give your abs a different workout.  Many people use a swiss ball or physio ball to train with and it provides them with an extra workout because the abs have to work harder in order to balance on the ball.  A medicine ball is another way to make your ab workouts a bit more difficult.

These are just a few tips on how you can develop your abs into a rock hard six pack.  It is important to note however that a healthy diet should be your main prioity, even more so than the ab workouts.  Getting into a habit of eating healthy will show in your abs much more than any ab workouts ever will.

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