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A personal job search marketing plan helps destroy any hidden job interview weaknesses you may have.

In today’s hyper-competitive job market, you need to sell yourself to a Hiring Manager. And you need a strategy to accomplish that successfully. That involves a personal marketing plan to guide all you sales efforts in your job search.

From dozens of interviews with Hiring Managers in various industries across the United States we gathered information that has led to one powerful conclusion…you must differentiate, distinguish yourself to separate yourself from the competition. And you can do it like the professionals with a personal marketing plan. We have many more Job Interview Help Articles Now Available.

For instance in a job interview…

Today there is an average of 7 applicants for every available job you. A well constructed personal marketing plan helps you to know how and when to highlight the benefits you offer a company in your interview discussion. Without a well-constructed plan you may end up highlighting a job interview weakness.

The first thing a personal marketing plan helps you do is to think like a Hiring Manager. In other words, it helps you know your customer so you can talk his language, effectively discuss his company’s needs, and successfully offer superior solutions to help his company – you.

Take these three steps to quickly begin your personal marketing plan.

Step I: Arm yourself with information

This means researching the company you’re interviewing with to arm yourself with as much information about that company (and the Hiring Manager, when possible). By doing this, you show yourself as someone who demonstrates a sincere interest in and concern for the company; to demonstrate why you’re the uniquely qualified candidate to fill the open job.

Not doing this research is a common and often fatal job interview weakness.

Step II: Brand “YOU”

Another common job interview weakness is to be passive and “at the mercy” of others in your job search. You must take ownership of your job search.

One effective and time-tested technique used to accomplish that is to develop a brand — brand “YOU.” A brand leaves a memorable, positive impression on the Hiring Manager; the kind of impression you want him to have.

That puts you in the position promote, package and present yourself in the job interview so the Hiring Manager sees the benefits in hiring you instead of someone else.

To help you establish a dynamite personal brand, answer these two questions:

  1. What image do you want the Hiring Manager to hold in his mind about you?
  2. How can you most effectively demonstrate and promote that brand to the Hiring Manager?

Step III: Super-size your sales skills

Your final step is to implement your marketing plan; to sell your product — YOU. And that takes a super sales person – again, YOU. Think about this: no one has a more vested interest in your success than you; and no one can do a better sales job…when you know how.

Every successful sales person follows some variation of this simple 5 step process to succeed and make the sale. It’s easy; you can follow it too.

First – establish rapport with customers. This builds credibility; which in turn builds trust. And people want to do business with people they trust.

Second – discover the problems/opportunities of customers. Ask questions of the Hiring Manager to find out the future direction of the company or to uncover the problems the company is experiencing.

Third – champion the best solution and how you can help the company achieve that solution. Show the Hiring Manager you’re the candidate who is a problem solver and relate how your background and experience will help the company with their potential opportunities and problems.

Fourth – support the Hiring Manager’s individual needs as they relate to company’s needs. As the candidate who empathizes with the Hiring Manager’s needs/desires/challenges you show him that hiring you make the Hiring Manager a “hero” in the organization.

Fifth, and finally – close the sale. Again, by following a personal marketing plan, you will work to gain the Hiring Manager’s agreement to points made through each step in the sales process.

Simply ask for the job if you really want it. You may say, “I would really like to have the opportunity to work with you and help you reach your company goals and solve its problems.”

Developing and using a personal marketing plan puts you on the right path…

…the path that helps you to overcome weaknesses for job interviews as well as to successfully direct you in all aspects of your job search. It helps lead you directly and quickly to a new job. Especially in a job interview, it helps you focus everything you do and say ONE objective – to show the Hiring Manager that you stand above the competition and why he should hire you! We have many more Job Interview Help Articles Now Available.

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