Dental Assistant Resume Tips

Hi, my name is Doctor Christian Hahn and I’m with the Today, we’re going to talk about RESUMES. If you are just getting out there and you’re a brand new dental assistant or if you are a veteran, have been doing this for ten, 15 plus years, the thing about resumes is exactly the same, be memorable, be different, stand out.

A resume needs to be sharp, it needs to be different. Attach a quality photo, put it in quality font, put it on quality paper, make it different, hand sign it, put a note on it, BE DIFFERENT.

Another very important thing is after you’re done with your resume:

– don’t send it in
– don’t fax it in

NONE of those things are worth anything. You need to HAND DELIVER that resume to the practice that you’re interested in. Your goal needs to be to make that practice, where you’re dropping that resume off, feel that it is the ONLY practice that you want to work at. Bond with one person when you drop that resume off and make sure you show your best smile, your best outfit, your best persona – be memorable, be different.

When you get to the office and you just hand the resume to somebody and you walk out, it’s probably going to go in the big pile of mystery resumes. You need to make sure that the person that gets the resume puts it on TOP of the pile. So be memorable.

Last but not least, after you’re done dropping off your resume and you have a photo attached to it, and maybe you can have a link to a video that you created about yourself – that will be a great thing to do, call back, FOLLOW-UP with the person that you met at the office. Call them in person. Thank them for taking the resume. Bring something up that you discussed to show that you remember who she or who he was, and then ask when you can expect to hear back about the resume or possibly an interview.

That is a simple way to get your resume in front of the dentist’s eyes. Hopefully, that will help you. And if you have more questions or you need more information about resumes or anything else related to dental assisting, check out my blog WWW.HIGHESTPAIDDENTALASSISTANT.COM

Thank you for listening.

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