Delete Windows Additional Guard – How to Remove Windows Additional Guard the Easy Way

Windows Additional Guard – yet another unsafe program posing as trusted Microsoft software. This particular malware is spreading through the internet at a feverish pace right now. Windows Additional Guard will install itself through a security hole if given the chance, and try it’s best to spook you into purchasing a ‘Full Version’ of the scamware. Did you know that spyware like this will corrupt your system, and at worst put you at risk of identity theft?

Common Signs of Infection:

You can take a reasonable guess that you’re infected if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Slow system performance
  • Warning alerts at your taskbar
  • Strange new icons and/or wallpaper
  • Browser re-directs
  • System Crashes/Blue screens
  • Pop-ups and/or ‘Pop-unders’

How Do I Get Rid of It?

There are ways to manually remove this virus, but I don’t recommend anyone try this who does not consider themselves a professional or a big IT nerd such as I am. If one infected registry file is missed or if the wrong file is deleted, the computer can be rendered unbootable. Not good.

If you are unafraid of the errors, you can try a manual removal by removing all associated registry files in the LOCAL_HKEY_USER system registry folder and adjust all related DLL and LNK files. You will find these files have the name Windows Additional Guard or something similar in them, such as windaddtlguard.exe.

That’s Why I Use Automatic Removal.

Automatic removal is my go-to choice. I can’t afford to spend hours attempting manual removal, especially when a single mistake can waste all of my efforts. Three removal tools exist that I suggest to my friends, family, and colleagues. All three are robust removal tools that wipe away all viruses hiding on a users computer and additionally protect the user’s computer when the next virus threat hits the web.

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