Dealing With High Stress In The Short-term

There are times when I genuinely believe my family could teach all reality TV stars about drama. It seems like each month, we have a new “episode”–an explosion of gossip, unkind words, crying, and more. Most recently, this exploded after my father had a (minor) accident at work. You wouldn’t believe what happened after if I told you, but I’m sure you can imagine how stressed I was, especially because I live over 600 miles away from everyone else.We all have stress in our lives, but when the pressure is on in such situations, it can push us to our limits. So how can we offset its effects to keep ourselves from a complete meltdown? Take these tips that have helped me over the years and apply them–stat!

Try to avoid reacting to the circumstances from a place of anger, frustration, and stress, as this can make things much worse. You may say things you don’t mean, aggravating other people involved. Instead, disengage from anyone that may be confronting you or in some other way drawing you in to an undesirable conversation.

That doesn’t mean you should never deal with the situation in question. Calmly state that you will pursue the matter when everyone involved is calmer and can approach problem-solving with clear heads. Especially when individuals are upset or flustered, they may not take this disentanglement well, but don’t be drawn in.

Sometimes emergencies do require you to address them immediately, but do everything you can to keep all communication on your end even, factual, and non-accusatory. We have many more Stress Relief Articles Now Available.

Do your best to control your thoughts, particularly when you’re trying to sleep. Traditionally, meditation is the act of ridding all thoughts from your mind, so practice doing this before heading to bed. Other distracters, such as soft music, can be helpful, too.
After all, losing sleep compounds the physical stress we feel, leading to a weakened immune system and lack of focus. So in all reality, there is nothing so bad that losing sleep over it can’t make it worse!

This is certainly the time to indulge in your favorite activities, especially sports or other cardiovascular exercise, as extensive research has shown that cardio workouts have an anti-depressant effect on our minds and moods. Alternative therapies like massage therapy and acupuncture can also alleviate anxiety.

Sometimes, we all just need to escape. Getting out of our normal environment can boost problem-solving skills, but more than that, it can be relaxing to unplug from everyday life. During this last episode of family drama, my husband whisked me away to my favorite hotel in Seattle, where we pampered ourselves with room service and fun outings. This getaway was precisely what I needed to cope.

Only you can decide what coping measures will work for you at this time, but the most important thing is to be determined not to allow this stress to overtake you. It’s not easy, but you owe it to yourself. We have many more Stress Relief Articles Now Available.

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