Daytona Beach – Much More Than Just a Vacation Getaway

Located beautifully on the central Atlantic coast, Daytona Beach is a popular holiday destination within Volusia County, Florida. This city is a perfect combination of natural beauty and fun as it is blessed with the beautiful beach and soothing sunshine, not to forget the racing events that keep racers as well as vacationers enthralled.

This vacation heaven offers an array of vacation rentals including studio condos, villas, town-homes, cottages and beach homes. Book for yourself and your family one of the lavish studio condominiums located along the beach and enjoy everything that Daytona Beach has to offer. Apart from cozy space, most of these studios are well-equipped with central air-conditioning, kitchen, club access, and on-site restaurants to satisfy the appetite of thousands of holidaymakers who arrive at Daytona Beach every year. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunset or view of the ocean from the patios and balconies of your extravagant hideaway. We have many More Daytona Beach Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

A great place for whole family fun, this destination offers numerous amusement and water parks, rides, go-carts and games. Daytona Boardwalk Amusement Area is one place which you can’t miss. Climb on the Space Needle at the Ocean Pier or enjoy a guided tour of Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory to see the handmade chocolates and candies.

Daytona Beach is also famous for its Historic District which houses a few age-old enchanting buildings and some of them are described below:

Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station

Every year about 200,000 vacationers and visitors come to Daytona Beach to have a look at this historic landmark built way back in 1887. This lighthouse is open for visitors from 10AM to 6PM daily every day (Labor Day until Memorial Day). After Memorial Day, one can visit it anytime between 10AM and 9PM. Climbing the lighthouse tower is a memorable experience in itself and your about one-hour tour around the place will leave you in awe.

Marine Science Center

This attraction for every vacationer is a must see and once you visit it you will know why this place has become such a craze amongst holidaymakers. The Marine Science Center at Ponce Inlet is a beautiful place to enjoy the sights of marine creatures. Here you can learn about turtle, take a long nature walk or simply explore an artificial reef aquarium.

Halifax Historical Museum

There can’t be a better place than Halifax Historical Museum if you want to learn about the rich culture and heritage of Daytona Beach. Exhibiting artifacts that date back to 5,000 B.C., this museum also boasts of a research facility with old city directories, wide-ranging photographic and postcard collection. You can visit this museum anytime from Tuesday to Saturday.

Apart from all the sightseeing, Daytona Beach is a paradise for sports lovers and people who love outdoor activities. Hit the surfs or take a midnight stroll on the beach with your loved one. Fishing, canoeing, kayaking, cruises, and air rides are some of the activities that are very favourable in this lovely spot. Golf enthusiasts can tee-off in of the 20 golf courses scattered in this beautiful holiday destination.

This place is also acclaimed as a biker’s hangout for a long time. If you love bike-racing you can always participate in special events like Biketoberfest and Bikeweek. Biketoberfest is an annual event organized in October whereas Bikeweek is normally held during the months of February and March.

If you love seafood and if you want to try something Italian, Mexican and American, you just have to hop into one of the restaurants like Down the Hatch Restaurant, famous for fresh fish and exotic seafood. For lavish dining other elegant establishments include Sweetwater’s Restaurant, Aunt Catfish’s on the River, Woody’s Barbeque and Boondock’s Restaurant.

Ladies love to shop at Daytona Beach because this place has some of best beachside shops selling the most astonishing memorabilia, home decor items, gift items, jewelry, branded clothes and knick-knacks. During your shopping spree don’t forget to visit Daytona Flea and Farmer’s Market.When we talk about Daytona Beach’s nightlife, the adjectives that come to our mind are ravishing,mysterious, spooky, and exciting. Don’t be scared by this statement! The nightlife here is spooky because one of the chief attractions here is the ghost tour.

Visitors’ Information

You can visit Daytona Beach anytime of the year; however, fall to spring and October to May are the best times for vacationers. During the spring break crowd does increase, so you can choose any other time if you want to spend your vacation in seclusion or total privacy. As far as reaching the destination is concerned, Daytona Beach International Airport is the best way to get here by air. You can also reach Daytona Beach by taking a taxi or cab from Jacksonville Airport or Orlando Airport located nearby. You won’t have problems reaching this dream vacation destination anyways. We have many More Daytona Beach Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.