Daily Vitamin Supplements

Daily vitamin supplements are necessary for optimum nutrition. Some people say, “You can get all of your nutritional requirements from your food”. That is not true. The American diet provides plenty of macronutrients, but lacks proper micronutrients:

  • Macronutrients are fat, protein, and carbohydrates. (calories)
  • Micro-nutrients are vitamins, and minerals. (necessary for cellular health) The abundance of macro-nutrients contributes to obesity in America and the lack of micro-nutrients contributes to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. We are over-fed and undernourished as a country. We have many more Vitamins Help Articles Now Available.

Changing your eating habits to include whole foods and less processed food is a good start, but to ensure optimal cellular health, a daily vitamin supplement is necessary. Don’t be fooled by RDA (recommended daily allowance) of vitamins. These standards are outdated. They are a bare minimum allowance of nutrients to prevent irrelevant medical conditions like scurvy and rickets. In order to ensure “optimal” micronutrient health you should find a reputable vitamin company that supplies pharmaceutical grade vitamins that comply with the strictest quality standard. Unfortunately, vitamins are not regulated properly and many fail to even absorb in the body. Don’t be led astray by low quality vitamins.

Nutrisearch is an unbiased company whose sole purpose is rating nutritional supplements for completeness and quality. They use a panel of doctors who perform tests using 18 different criteria to rate each supplement from 1-5 stars. The testing includes checking the bioavailability of each product to see if the body is able to absorb the nutrient. You would be sadly surprised to see that the majority of vitamins do not pass even the most basic of tests that guarantee you are getting what you pay for. Daily vitamin supplements with a 5 star rating are rare. They are the best of the best and you can be sure that your body is getting optimum nutrition when you take them.

Douglas Laboratories has been an industry leader in nutritional supplements for over 50 years. All of their products are pharmaceutical grade and they have several multi-vitamins that are rated 5 stars by Nutrisearch. This means that they voluntarily comply to the same guidelines of pharmaceutical medicines and their quality is surpassed by no one.

Douglas Labs sells exclusively to health care providers. The general public cannot buy directly from them. As a health care provider and personal trainer I have access to these superior nutritional supplements. You can visit my website and log into Douglas Labs website using my fulfillment number on my daily vitamin supplement page.

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