Customize Your WordPress Website Easily With Plugins

A wordpress customer login plugin will allow you to customize the login page to match the overall design of your web site. But there are also plugins that will place the login on a side bar where it is easily accessible to your users. With the use of all these plugins you can help give a better user experience to the all potential users of your website. By having a blog that specializes in a certain subject matter (niche) and by providing value to your visitors/readers, it becomes a viable opportunity to offer a Membership to your followers.

A Membership is a lot easier to establish than what may be thought, and these days with many plugins available for WordPress and other blog platforms, it can all be completed in a matter of minutes.

Monetizing your blog this way can add a whole new dimension to your online business. Your content (articles, comments, etc) is what initially draws people to your site, and when they see that by actually becoming a Member they can get so much more, it is very tempting for them to join up.

Memberships can be charged either on a “per visit” basis, as is the case when you have information that can only be viewed by paying the required fee (less common), a recurring monthly fee that is automatically deducted from the Members PayPal account (more common), and also by charging a “once only” fee for lifetime membership.

Whichever method suits you best; there are easy ways to establish this. Another great reason for offering a membership option for people is the fact that you can then offer the “promotion” of your Membership to others, whereby you would set them up as affiliates.

It is a wonderful thing when you know there are many people out there promoting your Membership and creating sales for you. You then pay them a portion of the Membership fees, as their commission for creating new Members for you. It’s like having a sales team out there, only getting paid for positive results.

One way of making a Membership very attractive for people to join, is to have great incentives to offer. It may be that you offer a whole package of books, informational videos, personal training, or products that they can only receive by being a member, and let’s face it; everyone likes to feel that they are a little bit special.

Membership sites are all the rage at the moment, and people are happy to join up if they know they are getting great value for money. Imagine securing 100 Members, each paying $17 per month to receive your valuable products! Monetizing Your Blog in this way is one of the best ways to generate an online revenue stream that is virtually endless, as long as you continue to provide the value that your members enjoy. There are plenty more WordPress Help Articles Now Available on our website.

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