Custom Fitting Your Golf Clubs – Important Facts You Need To Know

Each golfer has a distinctive swing and physical capability. Most golf clubs today are custom fit to a person for parameters like shaft type, lie angle, length, grip type and size. The custom fitment process involves several measurements and an assessment of the person’s game. Custom golf clubs have become much of a fad and even semi pro golfers try it out.

Custom fitting is a method of tailoring the golf club to suit a particular persons’ swing.

Whatever may be your level of play, a custom golf club will ensure that your swing will be good with the club square at impact and produces straight shots.

For a custom fit of golf clubs, there are certain details required. These include your gender, the height in socks, distance away from the wrist to the floor, age, the skill level of you, the speed at which you swing the golf club and the type of club you use at the 150 yard marker.

Gender gives a distinct style and hence is used to set you in a certain scale for fitting of custom clubs. There are different definitions used for standard length for men and women.

The distance from your wrist to floor and your height are factors that are used in the determination of the required length for your custom club. For men, the starting point of a club length varies till three and a half inches for ladies and another 1.5 inches for men. Tall people with long arms will need only a short club in comparison to a short person. Nearly 80 of regulars golfers are of the standard length specifications.

Your skill level, age, approximate golf club swing speed and any possible handicap and the clubs that you prefer at the 150 yard marker are considered in the determination of your club’s shaft flex which will be most appropriate for your use.

Any slice faults can be rectified with custom fits. A slice is when in a club, the toe leads into the ball and hence opens the face of the club. This may be due to a fault in the swing but maybe also because the club has a flat base. So in the custom fit process, the club may be made more upright to solve this problem. So in the rectification, the toe in the custom golf club will stand a little bit higher up from the ground so as to compensate for the loss.

There are many fitting methods say the various manufacturers, but ultimately everyone is attempting to help make your game better. Simple dimensions like the wrist-to-floor, hand size and height are noted and these measurements will help in determining the right sized club and also the angle. The next step is to knock a few balls around. Impact tape is usually fixed to the under surface of the club. An impact board is also placed on the floor.

During your swing, there will be a marking on the tape by the board indicating which part of the club, the toe or heel hits the floor first. From this mark it can be gauged if the club needs to be upright or more flatter. From here, advanced analysis equipment are used to measure all data including the side spin in the ball, club speed so as to identify the right stroke for you to get the maximum possible distance on your shot. Even things like the launch angle and the back generated and even impact efficiency can be gauged. These factors affect the distance and by rectifying the approach angle of the club to the ball and also sidespin, your game be easily improved upon.

Instead of taking down old clubs, it’s better to start off from scratch. The idea that custom fitment is only necessary for good golfers is a big misconception. Anyone will gain use from it. In fact if you intend to upgrade to a new set of clubs from the same person then they could adjust your previous set of clubs, such that it is a custom fit set.

Doing a custom fit will not cure you of your wrong shots. That will be done by coaching. But when you swing well, the customised golf club will travel perfectly and will help create a direct shot at the target. That will be your saving grace in a game.

Finally custom fits are mostly done free. But it’s usually on a condition that you purchase some clubs to get a free custom fit. So it would depend rather on what kind of budget you had. If you decide on getting new clubs, then getting a custom fit is totally worth it.

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