Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

When I walk I like to think like a tourist and that I am seeing the location for the first time, it is not always easy depending on your mood. But most of the time the sheer essence of the location is enough. So let us start the Currumbin Beach walk at Thrower Bridge, (which has its own history). You have to start at the bridge to really get the feel of the locality.

Walk along the concrete footpath by the side of Currumbin creek, the area can get quite busy on the weekend depending on a number of factors. If the fish are biting, the road way will be littered with trailers and 4WD’s hoping for great day fishing at Palm Beach Reef. Currumbin Creek can be alive with lots of water activities and the park full of picnickers enjoying the lush green grass and shade at Winders Park. We have many More Gold Coast Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Swell Sculptural Festival

Following the pathway along Currumbin Creek heading east towards Currumbin Alley you will come across a number of timber piers with an assortment of pelicans perched on top constructed from a variety of metal components. These beautiful art pieces were displayed at Swell Sculptural Festival, this event is featured on Currumbin beachfront every year around September. Continue walking along the footpath along the Currumbin Creek until the end of the Park, and then it is onto the concrete walkway and under Currumbin Bridge. If it’s a warm day you can rest here under the shade of the bridge, the view is spectacular at this point. This is also a good spot for photos, opposite are the picturesque walks of Beree Badalla Boardwalk and Currumbin Lagoon including Tarrabora Reserve, but that’s for another day.

Rest at Farmers Family Park

Now we start to climb Currumbin hill, during the summer month it can get very warm hoped you remembered your hat and bottle of water, just to keep you fresh in anticipation for a spot of breakfast or a coffee at one of the many cafes & restaurants on the esplanade. Further along the walk you come to ‘The Farmer Family Park’ a small area with shade trees and benches with views of Surfers Paradise in the distance with its towering buildings makes for a great photo. Once you have reached the top of the hill, it’s all down hill to Currumbin Alley and Currumbin Rock.

Currumbin Rock will come into view, this is a unique location with it unusual rock formation and changing moods. The water can be glassy and serene or foaming with anger, It can be what you want it to be, a world class surfing location, a photographers paradise, or for walkers a setting to be soaked up and speak about. I have seen many of its moods and never tire of its beauty.

What can you do at Currumbin Beach?

The list is endless there are a couple of lookouts worth climbing, so at this point you can refresh yourself at one of the many Cafes and then start doing some climbing to work off that breakfast or lunch it is up to you.

  • Learn to Surf
  • Stand up Paddle
  • Kite Surfing
  • Coffee Culture -People watching
  • Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Currumbin Hill Lookout
  • Elephant Rock Lookout
  • Currumbin Hill Lookout

Currumbin Hill Lookout is the first port of call on our beach walk after Currumbin Rock. Head back to the road (Pacific Parade) and on your right, you will see a picnic area, behind the BBQ area is a set of steps, (around 130 to be precise) start climbing take your time we are not trying to win a race. Remember we are walking for pleasure. The view from the top of the lookout is magnificent, Currumbin Spit and the Alley, Currumbin Rock in all its glory, and views of the entire coastal strip of Palm Beach from Creek to Creek.

Elephant Rock Lookout

After you have regained your breath back from climbing all those stairs let us cross Pacific Parade to the beach and enjoy the sand between our toes for a while. Keep walking straight down the beach toward Currumbin Vikings Surf Club which is right on the beach in front of Elephant Rock cross the car park to a set of stairs behind the Surf Club. Just a short climb up for uninterrupted views of Currumbin Beach in both directions, Burleigh Headland to the north with spectacular views Surfers Paradise with Currumbin Rock in the foreground. After you have immersed yourself in the view why not go down the steps to the Surf Club and have some refreshments on their beautiful deck.

There a very few places in this world where you can enjoy refreshments right on the beach and take in the awesome power of the Pacific Ocean. We have many More Australia Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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