Cure prostate health with natural supplements

The prostate gland in males is a walnut-sized gland located below the bladder that is part of the reproductive system. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), prostate cancer is the 2nd most common form of cancer in men (the first being skin cancer). Research has shown that age, family history and race are the three main risk factors that increase the chances of getting prostate cancer. While it is impossible to remove those risk factors from one’s life, there are lifestyle practices that can reduce the risks of cancer and can help to keep the prostate (and body) healthy.

Each organ in the body needs specific nutrients in specific balances and quantities in order to function properly. Eating a healthy diet including whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables is the base from which good health begins, but sometimes due to age or medicines our body can have trouble absorbing the amount of nutrients that it needs from diet alone. We can help to maintain health by adding prostate supplements to our diets with that in mind, here are some specific herbs, vitamins, and minerals that help to support the health of the prostate gland:

Saw Palmetto – Medical studies have shown that saw palmetto is beneficial for enlarged prostate (BPH) symptoms. Compounds in the berries have anti-inflammatory and anti-fluid retention activity and appear to offset the hormones in men that may cause prostate enlargement.

Pygeum – Pygeum africanum is widely used in Europe and USA for treatment of BPH. Like saw palmetto, pygeum has anti-inflammatory properties. Medical studies indicate that pygeum extracts antagonize the androgen receptor and have antiproliferative effects against prostate cancer cells.

Stinging Nettle – Stinging nettle has antioxidant properties and has been shown to inhibit the body from making certain inflammatory chemicals known as prostaglandins. It is believed that one reason nettle acts as a tonic for the prostate is that it has an effect on hormone levels and proteins in the blood that carry sex hormones.

Vitamin D – Often referred to as “the sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D controls more than 60 genes involved in a variety of bodily functions and facilitates communication between cells. Medical studies have noted a relationship between low levels of vitamin D and risk of prostate cancer.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C has a myriad of health benefits, but perhaps the most important for prostate health are its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. An enlarged prostate can create problems in the urinary tract and allow for the buildup of bacteria through incomplete elimination.  Vitamin C helps to stop the growth of bacteria that can infect the prostate, causing the prostate inflammation known as prostatitis.

Selenium – Selenium is a trace mineral with antioxidant properties. While scientists are not exactly sure how selenium works specifically on the prostate gland, research studies have linked the consumption of this essential mineral with a lower risk of prostate cancer.

Zinc – Zinc concentration in the prostate gland is much higher than in other human tissues. Medical research has shown that prostate health functions and activity of male hormones are highly dependent on the adequate availability of zinc.

These nutrients are available on as supplements to support prostate health. Natural supplements can help support prostate health and reduce the risk of prostate related health issues.

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