Culinary Trivia 3

Food items like burgers, buns, cookies, pastries, pancakes, noodles, doughnuts and bread have different tastes as they are made from different cereals and grains. Here is some more interesting information about different types of food grains.


  • Wheat has been cultivated since 9000 B.C.
  • Over 725 million metric tones of wheat are produced all around the world and China tops the list followed by India and US.
  • Wheat forms the major ingredient of many food items such as breads, porridge, crackers, biscuits, cookies, muffins, rolls, pies, pancakes and pastries.
  • The principal elements of wheat flour are gluten and starch.
  • Wheat is also used for fermentation to make beer, vodka and alcohol.
  • Major cultivated species of wheat are Common wheat, Durum, Einkorn,
    Emmer and Spelt.
  • There are more than 30000 different varieties of Wheat representing 14 different species.


  • Russia is the largest producer of Barley in the world.
  • The World’s total production of Barley is 136 million metric tones.
  • Barley is extensively used in the production of Alcoholic Beverages and is used as an animal feed too.
  • There are as many as 80 countries in the world alien to Barley cultivation.
  • US alone cultivates around 150 varieties of Barley
  • Barley contains 8 amino acids and eating whole grain barley can regulate blood sugar in our body up to 10 hours after consumption.
  • Barley has the potency of combating many diseases.


  • Maize, popularly know as corn is the widely grown crop in the American continent.
  • Maize contains ‘lipid transfer protein’, an indigestible protein which survives cooking. This protein has been linked to a rare and understudied allergy to maize in humans.
  • US alone produce 332 million metric tones.
  • Maize has around10 chromosomes.
  • Maize is the principal ingredient in Custard Powder.
  • It is said that there are more than 3500 uses for corn products.
  • Farmers can grow corn everywhere except Antarctica.
  • Maize is used in products ranging from chewing gum to bathing soap.


  • There are about 9 types of millets.
  • Pearl Millet is the most important member of Millet family.
  • India is the principal producer of Millet in the World followed by Nigeria and Niger.
  • A Millet grain is rich in B Vitamins.
  • They are used in Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Thyroid patients should stay from their over consumption.
  • Millets are widely used as bird as well as animal feed.
  • They along with birdseeds are commonly used as fillings for juggling beanbags.


  • Rye is used both as a food grain as well as a forage crop.
  • It is used in manufacturing beer, vodka, bread and some whiskies.
  • Russian Federation is the largest Rye producer in the World.
  • It is a popular food grain in the coldest regions.
  • Rye is a god source of Vitamin E, Proteins and Calcium.
  • It is god for the digestive system.

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