Croatia Holidays & Destinations With Style!

Croatia Holidays are becoming more and more popular with the British tourists. Croatia itself is a beautiful country that offers outstanding scenery.

Porec, one of the destinations in Croatia is one of the most popular tourist resorts on the Istrian peninsula of Croatia. This small but vibrant town is situated on a small peninsula.. From the sea, the town is protected by the bigger island of St. Nicholas, which is also famous for the popular clean pebbly beaches. Porec however, is also known for its many tourist complexes. The most popular of those is Plava Laguna as well as the Green Lagoon which are located a few kilometers south of the city. We have many More Croatia Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

If you decide to go on a holiday to Porec, Croatia, you would be silly not to visit the local cities and historical places that stunning Istria is well know for. Porec is well connected with Puloy and Pasini and some other cities to the north, it simply makes sense to take time out and visit them as well for a more satisfactory holiday.

Porec is the type of destination to have a little for everyone however it is also very popular among the youth, thanks to an interesting and lively nightlife, with plenty of nightclubs, bars and pubs. It also offers a great mix of outdoor beach and terrace parties as well as the occasional indoor party, there is simply something for everybody’s taste.

If you are young and looking for a party then it may be of help to know where to go. The most popular of the nightclubs is called “Club International” as well as “Club Plava”, which in turn are amongst the best in Istria. You will also find that there are two great casinos which are located in the well known hotel “Parentium” and “Porec hotel” which can be appealing for those who are looking for a different type of thrill.

Porect also boasts some great restaurants and bars which are open till the early hours of the morning, usually 3-4am, which is something that distinguishes the resort from other resorts in Croatia, where most restaurants and bars close by midnight.

If you are looking for a holiday to Porec, the closest airport is the Pula airport, although you can also use the airport of Trieste which is also very well connected to the city with transfer buses available all day long.

So if a holiday to Porec or any other Croatia resort is for you then be assured that you could find even more information about the resorts, entertainment, bars, tours, excursions and much more while there. There are holiday representatives who take care of this and are there to help you have the best holiday possible.

If you would rather find out this information before hand that you could search online and read further information about each resort in Croatia as well as Porec itself. We strongly advise that you do a bit of both. Before and after you arrive.

Have fun and Enjoy your time in Porec, Croatia. We have many More Croatia Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.