Credit scores broken down?

Only a few people actually know their credit score, which is unfortunate, and it seems even less know what their credit score means. Many simply say “I have good credit”, or “My credit is decent” but do they know what the actual score means? When they say they have a credit score of 651, is that different from saying a credit score of 551 or 751? If people knew more about their credit scores, it is likely they would be more careful with their credit as a result. Since many people don’t know what those numbers mean, we will break down credit scores going from bad to good. If you have a credit score that is 300 to 400 then your credit is abysmal. There is no other way to put it. You have destroyed your credit either through poor credit management, foreclosure or bankruptcy. You have a long road to climb to get your credit back to where it should be and you are not getting any type of loan, credit card or mortgage any time soon. If you have a credit score that is 401 to 500, then your credit is very poor. You are not going to be getting credit and if by some chance you did, you will have a very high interest rate. Generally you will have this type of credit score if you have been late many times with bills, are using up most of the credit that you have, or have suffered defaults on loans or bankruptcy. While not as bad as 300, you still have a lot of work to do to fix your credit. If you have a credit score that is 501 to 600, then your credit is fair. You can get some loans but you will have higher interest rates because of your slightly poor status with your credit. If you had perfect credit and suffered a bankruptcy, then your credit score will be in this range. Generally it is not too hard to start improving your credit from here with keeping your bills current, not using too much credit and ensuring no defaults on loans. If you have credit score that is 601 to 700, then you have good credit. This is where the majority of people are with their credit. You can get pretty much any loan you need and the interest rates will be favorable. You still have some work to do with your credit score but you can easily get there with paying your bills on time. You want to be at least in this range with your credit score. If you have a credit score that is 701 to 850, then you have excellent credit. You can get any loan you want and you will have very favorable terms and low interest rates. You just need to keep your credit clean at this point and you will be enjoying good credit for the rest of your life. By knowing where your credit lies in terms of credit scores, you can then begin improving it or maintaining it. If you or anyone that you know would care for more information regarding this post, feel free to visit

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