Credit Report Secret – Raise Your Credit Score Fast With This Method!

Everyone wants a good credit score. So much of what we do financially is dependent on this FICO score on our credit report. Of course it’s important to try to make payments on time, etc. but this isn’t always easy to do. Emergencies come up. You can be the best person in the world and responsible too and you try to do things right. But there are secrets in the credit reporting field.

But you may just find yourself short on cash and try as you may just have to miss a payment or make a late payment or you’re charged for something you did not buy or returned or something else. Many times this is through no fault of your own.

If you don’t have a current free annual credit report you can get a free credit report instantly online. After you have your credit report in hand, look through the report and find all the negative marks or bad items. Make a list. Hopefully it’s short. Maybe you only have one or two. If you have several then list them with the highest amount down to the lowest.

This is an easy lesson in how to repair your credit. We’re going to tackle the lowest amounts first. And here’s the secret that many people do not know. If you write a letter to the three credit report companies or bureaus and dispute any of the amounts, the credit bureaus contact the creditors. If the amounts are small the creditor may not even bother to answer the credit bureaus.

The credit bureau has to remove the item if the creditor hasn’t responded within a certain length of time.

Don’t think that writing the letter is hard to do. Sit down early in the morning when you are fresh or at a time when you have more energy. Just simply address three envelopes to the three credit bureaus. They are Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

You can easily get their address from the free credit report or online. Just explain that you found some errors on your credit report that you want to dispute. Make it short.

Enclose any relevant documentation, if you have any, which shows there is an error or that you want to dispute. This would include any cancelled checks, online payment confirmations, etc. Ask for a correction. Then say something like you want to keep a good standing and value an accurate and good credit history.

Also say something like a good credit rating and credit score is important to me. Make sure to name the creditor and the date of the error. Keep a nice tone to the letter.

Then close with a ‘thank you’ paragraph. Something like “Thank you for attending to my letter and this matter so I can maintain a good credit history. If possible let me know that my file has been reviewed and send me a copy of the corrected credit report.”

If you review your free credit report often you can catch small errors and fix your credit report before too much time passes. This is a little known secret and if the creditor amount is small enough you should be able to easily get it removed. It’s worth the small effort to raise your credit score. You CAN fix it yourself knowing this secret! There are many other credit report secrets!

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