Credit Repair – 3 Tips to Rebuild Your Credit

Never before has building up your credit score been as important as it is today. It isn’t just about buying homes and fancy cars; it takes good credit just to get through the days and provide the necessities of life. Without a decent credit score (at least), you stand very little chance to advance in our capitalistic society. It’s easy to mess up your credit score too. Millions of people are stunned when their credit score drops as much as one hundred points for a single missed or late payment! Fear not – there are ways to build your credit score back up again. The laws aren’t impossible to get back on the good side of – even if it seems that way sometimes.

You can begin the credit repair process by obtaining a free credit report from each of the major credit reporting bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You need to have fresh information if you want to be able to accurately monitor your efforts to build your credit score back up. We have many more Credit Repair Articles Now Available.

Tip 1: Start off by establishing a checking and a savings account if you don’t have them. Potential lenders see bank accounts that are kept in good standing as signs of stability. Don’t let your balances go negative.

Tip 2: Make your payments for loans, credit cards, rent and even utility bills on time – every time. Even if you have had poor records in the past, you can begin to build your credit score back up by establishing timely payment habits. Be assured that when you apply for credit, these things will be considered.

Tip 3: Realize the two most important factors that determine your credit score. They are: (1) the timeliness with which you make your payments due, and (2) the amount of credit that you have that you actually use. When you have credit cards, lenders like to see that you do not always use what is available to you. This shows restraint on your part. This helps to build your credit score back up.

Building your credit score back up to a desirable level is not an insurmountable endeavor; you can do it! Be patient and exercise responsibility. Put yourself in the position of a lender and ask yourself whether you would loan money or extend credit to you. When you do have credit extended to you, protect it and be responsible with it. Your credit rating has a lot to do with the amount of happiness and freedom that will be granted to you in life. We have many more Credit Repair Articles Now Available.

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