Credit card validation: Free Online credit card validator. Verify any card number

Credit card number validation is essential to determining a valid transaction.  Because merchant account fees are so high, verifying a credit card number before submitting it to the processor can save time and money.

Did you know that even for a declined credit card assesses a transaction fee, and often an AVS fee and WATS fee, and other charges that could total between $.30 and $1 each.

Some declined cards can be weeded out using credit card validation at your site, or through a free online credit card verification tool.  Taking bad card numbers out of the picture will drop your declined card rate, and save on fees.

Some merchant providers look closely at the declined card rate when evaluating your discount rate or transaction fees.  A high rate of decline could mean a rise in fees.  By managing bad card numbers, you take one factor out of the loop.

Many online shopping carts and order forms already have a credit card validation routine built in to them.  If you have one that does not, use the readily available JAVA scrips that utilize the card number verification algorithm to eliminate bad card number declines from your merchant record.

You can build in a validation routine for MasterCard validation, Visa card number verification, American Express card validation and Discover verification.  When the number is validated, simply pass the transaction to the merchant provider.  If the number is not validated, you can display a message before the transaction even proceeds to alert the end user that the credit card number entered is invalid.

You can add additional validation by screening the Bank Identification Number [BIN], which is the first 6 digits of any credit card number.  The BIN will tell if the card is debit or credit, what type, what bank issued it and what country it is from.

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