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Getting a clear credit history after bankruptcy is a thought of as a difficult process. While it is true that credit clean up after bankruptcy is hard it is not impossible.

Credit Rebuilding Tips After Bankruptcy

First once your bankruptcy is discharged you will  inmost cases have alot of old accounts that are still listed on your credit report. If these accounts were included in the bankruptcy they must be listed as such.

If they are not listed you should dispute them with the credit bureaus. You should also dispute any older or negative accounts that could be dragging your score down.

To dispute these accounts you must write a series of credit dispute letters to the three major credit bureaus. In these letters include all the information that thy need to investigate your claims.

Within 30-45 days you should receive a letter letting yo know if the negative items were removed or if they will be left on your credit report.

Add New Positive Trade lines

The next step is to add new and positive trade lines. This will help re establish your credit and show responsibility to lenders.

The best place to get these new accounts is through the use of secured credit cards.

The secured credit card is the easiest of the two to get approved for and is the best choice for your first account after your bankruptcy.

It will require you to deposit an amount equal to your credit limit into a special account held by the lender. This will protect the lender if you do not pay.

These cards report the same as a regular credit card and as long as you pay them on time and do not abuse them they will boost your credit scores and allow you to get new accounts as time goes by. Please visit

and apply for one of great  credit cards to restart rebuilding your credit

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