Create Impressive Resumes Using Resume Templates

A well structured, informative resumes goes a long way in helping you secure the job of their dreams. It tells, anyone looking at it, what the person’s experience, educational qualifications and co-curricular achievements are and if he/she would prove to be a valuable member of the team. It is the first piece of information a company receives from a prospective candidate. The layout of the resume, the content and even the font, all go a long way in creating the right first impression. Here, the first impression is definitely important because employees get hundreds of resumes in a day and only select the ones that catch their eye. Using resume templates helps those who are not very familiar with writing a good resume clinch the deed in a faster and more effective manner.

Every resume should contain the following details without fail. Additional details to be included in the resume depend on the situation and the person writing the resume.

* Name of the Resume holder

* Objective of the Candidate

* Date of Birth and Age

* Full address and phone numbers

* Email Id (a must these days) and Website address (if any)

* Educational qualifications

* Work experience

* Name and details of present employer

* Special interests

* Accolades

* References (if required)

Resume Templates And Their Usage Tips

Before going into the details of how a resume template is to be used it is important to understand what a resume template is and the different options that are available. A resume template is a general format of how a professionally designed resume should look like. The style may be according to the font used, the colour used or the topic sequence used.

Accordingly resume templates are generally found in three different styles – professional resume, functional resume and contemporary resume. However, resume templates may also be situation specific or job specific. Situation specific resumes generally mean they are specifically formatted to suit people in a particular situation, for example, entry level resumes, inter-company transfer resumes, etc. Job specific resumes are ones that are suitable to apply for a particular job, for example, teacher resume, marketing manager resume etc.

It’s very easy to use a resume template. It also helps employers save time as they can quickly sieve through the portfolio for the information they are looking for. Resume templates are generally designed by professionals who have been at it for quite a while and hence they generally give out an air of confidence. All a person has to do is browse the various free online resume samples available, select the one that is best suited and then download it.

Once downloaded, necessary changes can be made in the resume as and where required. Just remember to follow the guidelines provided with the resume template well. There is minimum room for error. Once all this done you have a beautiful resume in front of you that would impress anyone. Walla! It’s that simple. This grouped with an impressive cover letter should give any candidate a lead over others applying for the job, at least till the interview stage! The rest is entirely up to you.

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