Corporate Travel Management Offers Significant Travel Savings

Corporate travel management can save your company thousands of dollars in administrative and travel related expenses.  Just imagine the administrative cost for managing and researching corporate lodging arrangements for multiple people in multiple locations. Creative Lodging Solutions can show your company how to save time and money with the administrative tasks involved in making travel arrangements and consolidated billing.

Since 2002, Creative Lodging Solutions has helped many organizations with corporate travel management by eliminating tons of paperwork, cutting overall travel costs and saving tax dollars.  In 2007 Creative Lodging Solutions was ranked #47 in Entrepreneur’s Magazine’s hot 500 list of America’s fastest growing businesses. 

Creative Lodging Solutions has done significant research and has negotiated rates at over 4,000 hotels nationwide.  If your preferred hotel is not in the network, Creative Lodging Solutions has $50 million in buying power to get the best rates available helping your organization’s corporate travel management.

Tracking and managing hotel expenditures can be time consuming and tedious.  Sorting invoices and reconciling expense reports resulting in numerous checks being written is not cost effective. Creative Lodging Solutions takes your staff out of the equation by providing clients one consolidated bill each week. This corporate travel management feature makes it quick and easy to reconcile expenses and eliminates the cost of processing checks to each provider.

Unauthorized charges are no longer a problem when taking advantage of the corporate travel management services offered by Creative Lodging Solutions. No more sorting through bills to determine the legitimacy of a charge.  Creative Lodging Solutions guarantees that no unauthorized charges will ever appear on your bill. 

Is your company losing time working on activities that are not related to your company’s core business? Take the corporate travel management to the experts in the industry and let them take care of your organizations travel needs. 

Partnering with Creative Lodging Solutions can and will reduce your company’s lodging expenses and provide an organized corporate lodging management program with support for your travelers.  The result will be efficient corporate travel management with accurate and timely billing that is consolidated for your organization.

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