Corfu, Greece Vacation Guide

Being off the coast of Greece, Corfu is known as the second largest Ionian Island whose the northern area is close to the coast of Albania. Corfu town is a good place to visit because there are things related to a lot of Greek Mythology such as the architecture in many different eraswith a break from a typical beach holiday.

Corfu Town itself is on the east of the island of Corfu, and is worth a visit so you can look at a few attractions there. The Corfu Saint Spyridon Church is dedicated to the patron saint of the island, who is said to be responsible for several major turning points in Corfu history, such as recovery from famine, and the driving out of Turkish occupation from this Greek province. The Corfu Archaeological Museum is in the town too, and shows you many of the older finds from the island. See, for example, items which have been picked up from ancient Cassiopeia.

The Corfu Fortress of Saint Mark is near the Old Harbour and was vital for protecting the town against invasions when it used to be at risk. There is a lot of detail here, as galleries and so on were formed perfectly, to make sure there was a good defense system. We have many More Greece Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Get a boat from Corfu Town and visit the islet of Vidos. This is protected now as a nature reserve and has a lot of the flora and fauna on display for you to see. This is a lovely haven away from crowds and can be a nice place to spend part of the day you may dedicate to Corfu Town.

If you wish to stay on this side of the island, then Corfu Gouvia Village can be a good spot for tourists to get a hotel in. There is good nightlife in this area, which will attract masses of people, as well as a good handful of dining places which can offer nice traditional Greek dishes, or typical English fare, to tourists, depending on where you choose to go. The taverns of the area can be lovely though. In the day, Gouvia beach is somewhere you may want to set out for. The closest beach to the village, it offers sunbathing and the typical beach holiday activities that you can expect from islands catering to tourists, as Corfu does.

If you want an excellent beach then take a one hour hydrofoil ride from the capital to Paxi Island. You will not regret it, as a day trip here will show you wildlife and beaches that are of really high standards and will make for a great day for you. Another day trip to take is the Aqualand which is near to Corfu Town. One of the best in Europe, there are many slides and activities to make it a day to remember in amongst the viewing of some of the best sites Corfu has to offer.

North and west of the island there are really nice beaches, as well as the opportunity to visit neighbouring Albania to soak up the architecture there. We have many More Greece Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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