Computer Virus Removal in few steps

Computer virus Removal Toronto has released this article to help you and to protect you from all kind of Viruses and Spyware. Spyware and viruses are both forms of unwanted or malicious software, sometimes called malware. You need to protect yourself from both.
What’s the difference?

•Spyware sometimes called adware collects information about you without appropriate notice and consent.
•A computer virus spreads software, usually malicious in nature, from computer to computer.
Spyware can get installed on your computer in a number of ways. One way is through a virus. Another way is for it to be secretly downloaded and installed with other software you’ve chosen to install.

In short, spyware is a specific type of unwanted software that secretly collects your information.

A virus is a specific way software can be secretly distributed, often by e-mail or instant messaging.

Both spyware and viruses can cause damage to your computer or cause you to lose important data.

To help protect against spyware, try Windows Defender. Windows Defender is built into Windows Vista. To help protect against viruses, try antivirus software.

Steps to help avoid viruses:
1.Use an Internet firewall.
Note: Windows Vista and Windows XP with SP2 has a firewall already built-in and turned on by default.
2.Visit Microsoft Update to verify your settings and check for updates.
Note: If you’ve installed the most recent version of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Update will also update your Office programs.
3.Subscribe to antivirus software and keep it current.
4.Never open an e-mail attachment from someone you don’t know.
5.Avoid opening an e-mail attachment from someone you know, unless you know exactly what the attachment is. The sender may be unaware that it contains a virus.
6.Use a standard user account unless you need to use an Administrator Account. For more information, see Why use a standard user account instead of an administrator account.
What about spyware?
Although spyware programs are different from viruses, some can behave like viruses and pose similar and other risks. To help protect against spyware, use antispyware software such as Windows Defender. Windows Defender comes with Windows Vista. If you use Windows XP SP2, you can download Windows Defender for no charge.

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