Computer Security and Maintenance Help

Today’s world mostly demand on computers, the needed of computer increasing day by day, whether in the home or at the workplace. People keep become depend almost wholeheartedly on computer. Now-a-days most people know that how can use computer and use of the Internet, But many people do not know that how they can keep their computer securer and how to maintain it’s performance. There are some general things, which is very important to computer security and Maintenance.

Virus removal help:

If your computer keep rebooting without given any indication or any error massage, If Some time you facing problem related to device drivers, like no sound problems with the speaker or sound card. Hard disk problem like data corrupted or its booting problem or Strange character appear in the folder listing of filenames. and some .exe file came up, these all are symptoms of virus infections. You should notice and need to remove them. You should install and scan good antivirus and it’s virus definition files up-to-date. And Scan your whole computer weekly.

Some good Antivirus are:

  • Notron
  • Macfee
  • Awast!
  • AVG
  • Kaspersky

Protection against Adwares:

Adware is a same like as spyware and maleware. It is a programed software that displays unwanted banner ads or pop-up windows with advertisement to promote a website or product. During the Internet browser If your Internet Web Browser perform misbehave and it’s home page changed itself and shoes you a some kind of advertisement, that means you have adware infection. When you get some kind of advertisement pop-ups randomly, even you turn on the pop-ups block option. It is also adware infections.

To protect you computer against advare you should follow these troubleshooting test:

1. Regularly update your window and your anti-spywaer and scan.
2. You firewall protection service should be turn on while browsing Internet.
3. Do not click any pop-ups during the Internet browsing.
4. Do not install any demo anti-adware program, always use full version. Because demo program is a adware itself, when its trial period expire it get error and force to perches it.
5. Always avoid install any file-sharing programs, it may be contain adware and spyware, such as:

  • Applejuice
  • Ares P2P
  • Audiogalaxy
  • BearShare

Some tips on computer maintenance:

1. Some time user facing a blue scree error. It could be hardware of software both cause of blue scree error message. some kind of wrong software installation or wrong hardware device driver instillation is the major reason of blue scree error. In that time you should go to save mode of computer and you need to uninstall that particular software or device driver.
2. Most of uses Internet Explorer cause keep huge of temporary files, cookies, and histories. It is the another reason of slow performance of computer. If you want to make Internet Explorer run faster then you need to delete those temporary files.
3. If you feel that your computer startup time is too long, then you can prevent programs from running at startup. You can disable those programme which is not need to startup. To prevent program form startup Click on Start then on RUN and type msconfig. click on the startup tab.
4. Disk utility checked you hard disk for any kind of logical error and fix them when you run it. Disk defragmentation process reduce the amount of fragmentation in file systems. It is reorganize noncontiguous files into contiguous files, which cause increased reliability and performance of hard disk.

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