Compound Exercises – Explode Your Muscularity and Gain Muscle Fast With These Exercises!

What is it with people who decide to start working out, but afraid to do the right things that will be the most productive. They start with these new years resolutions that they never really follow through with. My advice to everyone that wants to put on the most muscle quickly and get the fastest results is to use the main compound exercises. Compound exercises work more than one muscle with a single movement. By using those main tried and true exercises in your workout you will hit more muscle groups at a time, make your workout more productive, and you will definitely build the most muscle.

You should be using the best exercises that will put on muscle in the quickest amount of time possible. You should be using exercises that hit lots of muscles at once, as well as working the target muscle hard. The exercises you need to have in your workout routine are called ‘the big three’!

What Are The Big Three?

Bench Press – This is the king of the chest building exercises. It is also known for making your upper body very strong because it hits the entire chest area, the shoulders, and your triceps. This is the favorite of a lot of people that workout and you can tell because you will see lots of huge upper bodies and disproportionate lower bodies. Great exercise for building strength and size in your upper body.

Squats – This is the exercise that is called the king of all exercises period! There is a saying quoted from a famous bodybuilder that goes ‘if you don’t squat, you ain’t strong!’ I can understand what he means because so many people avoid squats and work on there upper bodies so much that they are robbing themselves of the strength, power and overall size that squats can provide. Build your quads with squats as well as lots of other muscles like your back, glutes, calves, traps, and every other muscle that has to contract to keep that heavy bar up on the top of your back!

Deadlifts – This is my personal favorite! This is the rival to squats when it comes to being the king of all exercises. Deadlifts is all about lifting heavy weight off the floor. By doing that you are activating so many muscles in your body and you will feel how much this compound exercise takes out of you. Deadlifts are feared because of how taxing it can be. Don’t avoid this great exercise. Its great for building strength, power and overall size. It will work your hamstrings, glutes, quads, back, traps, and forearms.

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