Compare Car Insurance Plans Of Different Car Insurance Providers Before Settling for One

One might be forgiven for thinking that it does not make much difference if you buy car insurance from any company. They are bound to offer more or less the same coverage and benefits. This may not be absolutely true. Insurance companies are in the business in order to make profits. Therefore, when they offer car insurance as protection for car owners, they are also smart enough to include terms and exclusions that will allow them to avoid settling claims on straightforward grounds or on technicalities. Some companies offer generous benefits and coverage while others have only a narrow range on offer. You will never know unless you compare car insurance online and the best way to do it is online.



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Therefore, as a smart car owner, it pays off to compare car insurance and preferably do it online. You will be surprised at the differences, especially if you read terms of coverage and exclusions. You have options of choosing from over 25 insurers offering a variety of car insurance products on varying terms making it all the more important that you compare car insurance.

Third Party liability insurance

Third party liability insurance is mandatory and it keeps you insured if your car were to be involved in an accident that caused damage to the other car, its occupants or to property. In this case you will not benefit in any way if your car or its passengers sustain damages. It is only the third party that receives benefits. You get peace of mind because you will not pay for such damages out of your pocket. You can opt for lower amount of coverage in case of property damage in order to reduce premium but it also decreases benefit. When you compare car insurance in this segment you must examine the exclusions because accidents outside specified geographic areas may not be covered. If the car is used for commercial purpose then it may not be covered. If the designated driver is not driving the car at the time of the accident then also the insurance company is not liable. Losses by fire or war are not covered.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is optional but highly recommended because, in this case, you are fully covered against any accident and damage to yourself and to your vehicle. In addition, you are covered in case of fire, theft, vandalism, damage, riots and natural disaster related damages or losses. Third party liability may also be covered as you will find when you compare car insurance. There are exclusions as well that you must know about, which the insurance companies may treat according to their policy. In general, mechanical or electrical breakdowns are not covered. General ageing and wear and tear are excluded. If you drive under the influence of alcohol, the policy offers no protection. Driving without a licence also invalidates the policy as does driving outside the geographical defined area. Engine wear and tear, oil replacement, tyres and plastic parts as well as electrical parts may also not be included in the policy.

Zero depreciation cover

When you compare car insurance you must check to see if the company offers zero depreciation cover. This means that plastic, rubber, glass and other parts, usually excluded, are covered if you opt for this cover.

Engine protection

If you look at the fine print when you compare car insurance you will notice that engine protection is not included and is an optional extra worth considering.

Then there are other little things like no claim bonus and amount of premium. Some insurance companies might offer discounted premium even if you file a claim. If your car has been a total write off then invoice cover helps you recover maximum possible amount. You can get all these details and more when you compare car insurance on turtlemint.

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