Common Questions Asked During a Job Interview – Prepare Yourself

Whether you have an interview scheduled tomorrow or if you just started your job search and are preparing well in advance for the interviews to come, don’t let your nerves get the better of you. In most cases, all you need to score an amazing interview is to familiarize yourself with some of the common questions asked and start crafting your answers in advance.

Question: Why did you apply for this job?

Answer: Your answer should be related to the company in question. For example, if they operate a fast paced retail store, explain your reasons for wanting to not only work for the company, but in that particular environment. We have many more Job Interview Articles Now Available.

Question: Where do you expect to be five or ten years from now?

Answer: Your answer should show drive, determination, and your potential as a long term employee. For example, your answer can be along the lines of “working with the same company, but advancing to a higher position.”

Question: What skills will you bring to the workplace?

Answer: You want to try and keep your answer relevant to the position and company at hand. Your resume already outlined all the skills you have acquired through prior jobs (whether they were related or not). Now is the time to focus on the skills you have that are perfect for the job you are interviewing for.

Question: What is one difficult situation you have faced in the past and how did you overcome that difficulty?

Answer: I know right now you want to say “I haven’t had any problems,” but don’t. Think of any situation, such as deadline that was moved up, and the solution, such as your team pulling together and putting in extra hours to meet that shortened deadline.

Question: Why did you leave your last place of employment?

Answer: Your job interviewer doesn’t want a sob story or a life story, but they want the truth. Give them that truth because your answer is easily verified by contacting your former employer. Most people know that the economy impacted even the best companies and their best employees, so don’t be afraid to say you were laid off if you were laid off.

Question: Is there anything you want to ask?

Answer: Even if you took the time to research the company ahead of time and even if you think you know all that there is to know, never say no. Always ask a question. You may want to refrain from asking about the salary, but ask some company related questions. Good examples include: Are there long-term advancement opportunities available? Is there staff training for new hires?

These are just a few of the many questions you will be asked during a job interview, but all questions are along the same lines. To calm your nerves and increases your chances of landing the job, practice answering these questions with an unbiased friend or family member. We have many more Job Interview Articles Now Available.