Common Questions about Towing Companies

Several people think that as long as you can attach a tow ball hitch to a vehicle then you are set to haul anything. Assuming that you are driving with a trailer behind you is easy, it can become a complete disaster without proper knowledge and equipment. Every car, SUV, truck, and minivan has different tow ratings depending on their manufacturers which means that not everything is meant to be towed if it weighs more than the weight restrictions. At this point, it is highly suggested that you leave your Cary towing and recovery needs to the professionals so that you can avoid making disastrous mistakes.


Below are answers to common questions about towing companies that you might have been wondering about:


  • How do you know if the Cary towing and recovery company you contacted is trustworthy?

Looking for a good towing company can be challenging, especially if you have a long list of suggestions. The main question is how do you make the right choice? Since you never really know who you are dealing with even if you do your research, the best possible thing to do is to get your referral from a friend or family member, become a member of a roadside assistance program, or request from the police or the Department of Transportation for a good tow truck company that can assist you.


  • How do you know if the company is reputable and professional?

Once you call for roadside assistance, you are not only guaranteed a follow-up, but the driver’s training and equipment will be evident and should meet the highest standards in order to get you back on the road or to the nearest repair shop you trust.


  • After you call the towing company, how long should it take for them to arrive?

Tow truck response time depends on the location of the accident or where the breakdown has happened. If your vehicle is on the highway, a decent amount of time would be around 20 minutes. If your vehicle is located in a safer area where there is no immediate danger or no traffic, the wait time might be longer ranging from 30 to 45 minutes. If there is bad weather, arrival time might be longer.


  • Towing companies offer different prices depending on the type of vehicle, so how do you know you are not being ripped off?

The best way to make sure you are not being taken advantage of is to ask the price before requesting a tow truck service. It would also be helpful if you could get an invoice after the service. All reputable companies will accept payment by using credit cards, and if a company demands cash only, it is probably a bad sign. Also, it would be wise to initially compare prices of local towing companies in case you will need one in the future.


  • Do tow truck drivers offer you a ride?

If you are going to a location that is on the driver’s way, there should not be any problem.


Now that you have a fair idea of what to consider when hiring a Cary towing and recovery company, it will be a lot easier to choose the best service provider to cater your towing needs.

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