Common diseases treated by a urologist

Urologist is a specialized doctor who treats the diseases affects entire urinary tract and reproductive system in males. The diseases of kidney, urethra, bladder, ureters,   prostate gland,   and testes are treated by the urologist. Surgery is the only way to treat the diseases associated with urinary tract and related glands. Following is the description of some of the diseases treated by the urologist.


Prostate cancer is these days one of the growing concern for the urologists. This is among the major diseases in the advanced countries. The numbers are also steadily rising in India.   The early detection of the case is the only way to prevent this fatal disease. Related to prostate is another disease called enlarged prostate.  The prostate enlarged problem occurs generally in aged persons. The prostate is a gland surrounding the urethra below the bladder. The over growth of cells in the central portion of the gland blocks the urethra and stops the flow of urine. This makes it difficult for the person to keep bladder empty.


The urologist has to do surgery to cut the enlarged portion of the prostate gland. The inflammation of the prostate can cause problem during urination and ejaculation. Men under 50 years of age can suffer from this issue.  Incontinence is a urine system problem in which the person has no control over the discharge of bladder of urine. The painful bladder syndrome is related to the inflammation of the bladder. Since it is believed that breakdown of the lining of the bladder is the reason behind the bladder pain, the patient has to consult the urologist for treatment. 


Erectile dysfunction is the lack of stiffness in the male organ for proper sexual activity. The causes of erectile dysfunction may vary and it may involve emotional and physical issues but it also gets treated medically by the urologist.


Treatment of kidney stone is another Kidney stone specialist doctor in Delhi  major area of work of urologists. The deposits of mineral and acid salt in kidney can stop the flow of urine and cause serves pain and discomfort. The stones are generally formed in the kidney from there they can go to ureters.  Related problem is urinary tract infection faced by both men and women. This issue is caused by passing of bacteria from digestive tract to urethral. It is accompanied by difficulty in passing urine, vomiting, and fever.  In addition to this the male infertility problems also come under the responsibility of urologist. The female side of infertility is taken care of a gynecologist, who is a doctor with specialization in ladies issues.


The issues related with the male sex organ or testes are treated by the urologist. A patient has to contact a urologist for any Urologist for Laser Prostate Surgery issues related to kidney, prostate gland or urinary system. These days use of lasers is preferred to remove the stones from kidney. But for other problem, surgery is often the last only option left for treatment.


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